Monday, May 27, 2013

Furnishing the New Home with Dreams So Far

May 27 - It is a lull in the photo period because not much will be happening before our lawn is installed this week.  So, it is a good time to tell you about some of the furniture ideas that we have for the house.  We are purging ourselves of our old furniture because it is time for a fresh start.  So, if you know anyone who needs a living room set in the area be sure to shoot us a line.

We have ventured to many of the furniture stores in the area, but have found our match with Haverty's.  It is not low end [re: breakable] like some of the others and not out of our price range.  So, it seems to be the right place for us.  Here is what we are thinking about:

First, for the living room:

We like the Lauderdale collection  Nice, comfy sofa and accent chair. 
The picture above does not show the over-sized chair that goes with the set.
We also liked two other sets.

Angela likes the Blossom collection.  Very pink!  Perhaps the furniture for the reading room?
The Taylor II is fun, but may be a little too close of a match to our carpet.  That could make for interesting stumbles due to camouflage furniture.
Now, for the Master Bedroom.

We are in love with the Southport collection.  This will be our bedroom.
We have also picked our future furniture for the media room and the dining room.

The Southport dining room table will be a nice accent for the house.
The Stetson collection will be nice for family movie nights.
Finally, we do have some ideas for the some of the ceiling fans that we need for the house.  

For the family room and reading room.

Tell us what you think!

Next up: Visiting the house to see the lawn.


  1. Nice ideas!!you'll have so much fun decorating your house... in 20 days!! Wooohooo!!!

    And I love the Blossom collection too...Its not THAT pink. :-)

    1. 20 days and counting....Maybe we will go with the Blossom. Angela loves it. I am not sold on the pink, but we agreed that she could go nuts with the rest of the house, but the basement is mine!

  2. I think your choices are great. I was recently in Haverty's and was looking at the Lauderdale too (very comfortable). It's wonderful you are able to get some new furniture to start your beautiful home in. So close now.

    1. It is sooo comfortable! Are you going with that for your new home too, Christina? So close, but 20 days seems like forever!

  3. Great choices.. I love some of those colors !!!!

    1. Thank you, Roger and Donna. We have just started following your site. Your home looks wonderful!

  4. I have to admit your selections are BEAUTIFUL! We purchased the Amalfi sectional from Haverty's before I started working at Haverty's and the freaking couch is driving me bananas. It keeps moving apart and sliding everywhere. I did not like the idea that they told us if we add connectors to keep it from sliding that it would disqualify our warranty. What? We also purchased a very large mirror that I like that we hung in the foyer but I think I am going to have it taken down because I found another one. We had to switch out the sectional three times and I am still not satisfied so we plan to replace it with something else and resell. There is much care in purchasing furniture and I wished I had moved a little slower.

    Btw--all the your selections are nice. I would check with warranty coverage and the workmanship of the furniture. And if you decide to ship back any merchandise that was custom ordered you will pay a 33% restocking fee. So be sure that it's exactly what you want. The restocking fee is usually on all customs orders. I even purchased a television center from Ethan Allen and I refuse to pay the 33% restocking fee so I am going to reconfigure the space and make it part of my office selection.


    1. oops... I meant before I started working at ArHaus.

    2. Thank you, RickandNadase! I checked out ArHaus after I read that you started working for them on your blog. The furniture looks really, really nice. Unfortunately, it is out of our price range for now. We have a few choices in the area. Value City (no way), Ashley (no way), Haverty's (maybe), and Thomasville (not sure), Regency (probably not), and Bassett (I don't know). There may be an Ethan Allen, but I am not sure about that one either. We really liked the way the Haverty's furniture looked and felt, but now you have a little worried!