Friday, May 3, 2013

We Couldn't Wait Another Day

May 3 - Bryan had a meeting this morning so we knew that Saturday would be the day for the visit.  The thought of seeing what our house looks like with all of the siding was so very enticing!  We knew that we could hold out for just one more day.  Then, our project manager, Drew, sent us this:

Our siding is complete!  Our shutters are installed!  We were so excited that we were practically jumping up and down.  Drew said that he was saving one thing for our visit on Saturday!  Well, with news like that could we really be expected to wait another day?!?!?!?!  Self-control is a virtue when you are building a house.  We held back on the upgrades, so we deserve to go a little nuts with the home visits!

When Bryan returned home, the whole family climbed in the car and off we went!  Everyone was willing to wade through the Friday traffic (again) because of our excitement.  We arrived at the neighborhood to see Drew in the road.  We asked if it would be alright to go inside and he said "Yes, but still keep the kids out of the basement because of the heater."  Well, that was enough for us so we ventured down the road to see our home with all of the siding and to see what Drew had saved back.  Well, here it is, friends:

Nope, not a crime scene.  We have a driveway!
Can you guess what lurks behind that giant piece of drywall? 
If you guessed our counter tops and sinks you were right!  If not, you are a terrible guesser.  Drew's foot not included in kitchen model package.

Our daughter was so excited that she was able to walk on our new driveway!
We believe Drew said this was beaded vinyl siding.  It looks really cool!
A look at the right side of the house with our orange jet pack still in the backyard.
All of the house bones are officially covered.

A look around the left side of the house and the back.
Okay, so this looks like the same picture.  Then again, you may not be that observant.  You should really pay more attention.
Egress grate is secure!  Now, no one will know the secret entrance to the Batcave!
Look at those wonderful shutters!
Drew was nice enough to walk with us through the house and answer our endless questions.  We saw that all of the windows had been completed with the drywall around the frame and more coats of drywall mud were put on the walls.  We asked about the street lights.  Yes, there will be street lights, but he did not remember off hand where they would be placed.  We also asked whether we would be getting a front lamp post in the yard.  We will!  He said that there was one a the model that we could see.  Oh we saw it, but you will have to wait until our light is installed to see what it looks like.  We also asked about the outlet in the kitchen island and it will indeed be installed.  Finally, we asked what was happening now and what is next on the agenda.  Here is what he told us:

Beginning Monday - sanding the drywall, installing the trim, priming the walls, and installing the cabinets.

By Wednesday - it will look more like a house inside!

Drew even took the time to help us measure our windows to prepare for buying the blinds.  Wow!  We cannot wait until our visit on Wednesday!

Finally, we decided to take some pictures on our way out.

Left: Our house!  Right: The Pisa Torre and a Florence to the right.  Center: The Sienna
Our house and the other Pisa Torre
One more time, with feeling!
It will not be long now until our Venice becomes our home!

Next up: Visit on Wednesday to see all of the progress inside!



  1. It's all coming together. Can't wait to see those countertops on your cabinets!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, S and P. We are really happy about the way that it turned out so far.