Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Comforting News From Super Drew

May 13 - We were able to speak with our super duper project manager, Drew, and he has put our minds at ease about the previous post regarding issues that we saw on Saturday.  It is good to see that, just as we expected, Drew is on top of everything and is making sure that the house is coming along in order.  So, I wanted to share some insight on some of the items that we labeled in our "Bad" and "Ugly" sections in the posting on the 11th.

"Go ahead, Drew.  Make my house." (Wrong movie, right actor).
First, Drew assured us that there are many more steps to go through in the painting and the walls.  All of the dings, scrapes, scratches, bumps, holes around electrical outlets, etc. will be fixed during these stages.  These things occur through the earliest parts of the construction and should not be anything that should alarm us.  That's good news!

Two more phases of drywall!
The gaps in the floor around the stairwell are only temporary.  The permanent trim has not been installed and it will fill those gaps.  So, gaps averted!

We did not really need a picture here, but who doesn't love the London Tube?
Next, Drew gave us some insight into the wiring above the master sink.  The light will still be centered above the vanity despite where the wiring is emerging right now.  So, let the light shine down!

As far as paint is concerned, we are not finished with that part.  There are more stages to this, as we assumed, but it was great to hear from Drew that there are more to come.  Better to find out from the authority on the matter than to assume.

And the painters shall ascend upon your home!
Finally, the big one for Angela is the staircase.  She is so very proud of the stairs and how they will look that she wants it to be just perfect.  This is why she was so upset when we saw the state of it on Saturday.  However, Drew again assured us that there are more stages to this where the issues of stain splatter will be resolved and the globs will be sanded away.  In short, he assures us that it will look the way that Angela wants it in the future.

Hopefully, it will look as good as these rails from fellow blogger Building Our Palmero with Ryan Homes
In the end, Super Drew swoops in to save us again if only from our own anxieties!  So, faithful readers it pays to keep up the communication with your project manager.

As the masterful poets of the 5th Dimension once said, "Let the sun shine in".
Up next: Our visit on Wednesday.


  1. Great News!! I understand the steps issue! It's on my thirty day list ! It appears to be a sloppy job! Because its dark it's not that noticeable but when I checked them you can see the imperfections.

    1. We have faith in Drew's word. So, we believe the stair issue will be fixed as he said it will. I am sorry to hear about your stairs. I hope that they repair them at the 30 day. Please let me know how that goes!

  2. Great... Looks like your PM is doing a good job!!

    1. Yes, he is AWESOME, S and P! He is always on top of things.