Monday, May 20, 2013

Drywall! Part Deux - The Plumber, The Drywaller, and a Bag of Awesome

May 18 - It has been a very busy few days, so this post is a little overdue.  However, we were able to visit the house again on Saturday.  It was a good chance to be alone with the house again and see the progress that had been made since our visit on Wednesday.  So, we put on our Spy Kids gear and headed for the house.

We grabbed the key to our home from the model and headed in.   There was so much progress that had been made.  We were confident in Drew, our project manager's word that there were many more steps.  We were not let down.  Here is what we saw when we arrived:

Our kids venture in two different directions, one looking to break in and the other headed for the street.  Reminds Bryan of his mother telling him to go count the lines in the middle of the road....ha!
Fix #2 from Good, Bad, and Ugly post: The hole around the light switch has been repaired.
The pedestal sink has been installed.
There's a glimpse of the powder room toilet and flooring.  
Did you want another look at the floor?  No?  Well, then why are you stopping here to read this?
See the big white patch?  Fix #3: Drywall guys have repaired the scratches, dents, and other areas that needed fixed.
The island's outlet.  Double "O" face.
The microwave and stove are in their rightful positions and awaiting dinner instructions.
No more roving dishwasher!   Ah, well.  Another lie from George Jetson.  Our dishwasher is now in place. 
Our kids opened the refrigerator to find a space.  And there was a building or something with flames coming out of it, and there were creatures writhing around , and they were growling and snarling.  And there were flames, and they heard a voice say "Zuul."   
Our son was so happy that the animal cage had been installed  in the dining area.
A look from a distance.

The wood floor.  Still dusty, but it is looking great! 
All of the hardware has been installed in the bathrooms.  There is the kids'/guest bathroom bathtub faucets.
There's a look at the sink and faucet.  A little dirty for now, but soon to be clean!
One last look that includes the partially hidden flooring.
A look in the laundry room with a nice pad/holder for the washing machine!
Ahh, the old master bath awaits its bathers.  
Here's a look into the master bath shower.  It is getting steamy in here, right?
The faucets for the master bathroom sinks.
The toilet paper and towel holders were a bonus.  We were not sure if we were getting those!
The master bath toilet.  Looking all lonely.
The master closet looks barren for now, but this will soon be filled with clothes and shoes.  Then whatever Angela has to put in there.  
A look down the hallway.  We will see this every morning!  
Fix #4: The window sills have been sanded and ready for another paint job.
A look at the back flow stub.  Drew said it would be cut down and hidden under the carpet in the office.  Sure enough, there it is!
We are so very happy with the progress.  Everything is looking really great.  There is another round of painting and staining of the stairs left.  Also, the carpet goes in on Monday!!!!  

We had our first neighbor visitors when the couple who are building a Pisa Torre next door rang our door bell.  It was so fun to see them again and discuss the progress of both of our houses.  This included some of our shared anxieties as well.

We have already contacted Drew and he said that we could visit again on Friday, Bryan's first available day for this week.  We also learned from one of the sales representatives at the model that there may be some movement on the gas company.  So, we may be in sooner than the delayed time.  Keeping fingers crossed!

Up Next: Another visit on Friday unless we hear anything from NVR or our project manager.  Until next time, stay classy loyal readers.


  1. your house looks great ! when are you closing?

    1. Thank you, C! We were scheduled for June 7. It may be a little later because of the delay with the gas company. It appears that our home will be complete except for the neighborhood gas line. Hopefully, that will be resolved sooner than they expected. Drew thought it may delay us by two weeks, but the other SR said it could be completed within two weeks of Saturday.

  2. I really enjoy all of your posts!! I hope they get the gas line resolved ASAP for you all.

    Great choices on in home selections :)

    1. Thank you, Sperkins! We are hoping to have it resolved as well. Keeping our collective fingers crossed!

  3. Very nice pics.. Great house!! Thanks for posting them. I enjoy see fellow blogger's progress...keeps me optimistic and hopeful that we will get there!!! :-)

    1. Thank you, S and P. You will be at this point soon enough! I love all of your posts too! They are really helpful in giving me ideas about decorating!

  4. Looks great!! I love reading your blog, it's my favorite you are a great writer.

  5. re Hi! I'm Susan Hermann! I love your house! Even though it is MUCH smaller than ours, it is probably more fancy! You are a great writer! I hope that you write more! You're kids are super cute! Y'know, my house is five times bigger, but your house is probably 10 times fancier! LOVEN' IT GIRL!