Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day and Appraisal News

May 12 - Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother's out there.  May today be a wonderful day spent celebrating you and all of the sacrifices that you have made for your family.  We appreciate you!  On a personal note, Bryan wants to say that he appreciates everything that Angela does for our little family.  There can be no more love in her heart as it is filled with the love for our children.  Happy Mother's Day everyone!

House news: We were contacted by our new loan processor, Chrissy.  She told us that our appraisal had been completed.  We guess that $590 went to a good cause then.  She said she would be e-mailing us with the results.  She also noted the last few items that we needed to have for them before closing.  Here they are:

  • A pay stub dated at least 30 days before closing.
  • A bank statement with the payment to the IRS for taxes
That's it!  Woohoo!  We also had an interesting question about that dreaded $1.00 mishap that we spoke about in previous entries.  Now, the underwriter was confused about the $1.00 check to Ryan Homes.  We said "Join the crowd!"  Chrissy said that it was a little weird and understood that there was some miscalculation in the Good Faith Estimate.

Not our check, but if the US Navy can send out a check for $1.00 so can we.
Lastly, our appraisal came in right on the dot.  This was to the very dime.  That seems a little weird, but then again, perhaps Ryan Homes has a calculation for everything.

Ryan Home calculations were right on the mark.
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Next up: Contacting the Project Manager about the issues and visiting on Wednesday.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Angela!

    Sounds like you are right on track with the mortgage part - that's always a good thing :)

    1. Thank you, Christina!! happy Mother's Day to you as well! I hope you enjoyed the day with your daughter (right?).

      We are so happy to be so close to the end (hopefully)!

  2. Happy Mothers Day!!

    Things are moving along nicely! Just be sure to keep extra copies of your documentation. They may ask again as you get closer which is very common!

    1. They are coming along. The whole loan part is by far the most stressful aspect, but we are getting through it. We have everything sorted and filed and in duplicate. Bring on the requests!