Friday, May 24, 2013

Feeling the Soft Between Our Toes

May 24 - We could barely contain ourselves as Friday arrived.  It had been nearly a week to the day since we last laid eyes on our soon-to-be new home.  We were determined, so determined to see the house that Bryan even went along with a severe migraine.  As the modern poets, Queen, once said:

Blinding head pain cannot keep us from our house.
We made the drive and despite it being the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, it was a fairly uneventful drive with few delays.  That was a bonus.  When we arrived at the house we found that there were many changes and all were wonderful.  Feast your eyes on the visual buffet that is our home:
For those of you who are not following along in your textbook, our lot has been graded, our carriage light has been installed, and our mailbox has been placed out front!
It may look like a simple mailbox to all of you, but this represents the magical world of freedom from  community mailboxes covered in graffiti.  
After looking at all of the wonderful progress that has taken place inside, Drew, our project manager, gave us the grand tour.  He gave us one rule that is our own house rule anyway: "No shoes!"

Shoes = No Service in Our House
Look at that wonderful carpet in our family room.  A room that will soon be the scene of Wrestlemania between our children.  "Ohhhhh yeah!" (Imagine the late Macho Man Randy Savage saying that.  Imagine it!)
Here's a closer look at our fireplace.  See all of the blue tape?  Drew has been marking spots all over the house for the painters and the dry wall guys to repair.  The house does not have Smurf pocks.
We love the whiter shade of pale fireplace slate.  Yes, it's beige, but we needed a song tie in here.
The kitchen floor has been revealed.  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  (It is difficult to get a chorus across in type.)
Here's a close look at the pantry with the carpet installed.  This space will hold all of the wonderful goodies: cookies, devil dogs,...celery.
There's a look down our newly carpeted little hallway toward the reading room.  Look at all of that sun!
Here's the carpet in the reading room.  Bryan just wanted to lay down and take a nap!  Wake me up before you go-go.
There's our cherry wood foyer.  All those who shall pass through this door will be greeted with the sign of cherry.
The other pictures may not show it as well, but this is the actual color of the floor.  Don't you  just want to play a little Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves when you see this?
Angela leads our son up the new, glossy stair rail.  We forgot to take pictures of how wonderful the stairs look now.   They look so great!
There's a lovely, flat backyard.  There will be so much playing going on back there.
Down the stairs to the cool shelf again.
Now, take a look at the office!  Work will take place in here.    Okay, well blogging will take place in here.
The carpet looks so great in the media room.   
A look back up the stairs.  We think our son was already contemplating how the stairs could be used as a  ramp for sledding.
Hey, wait a minute.  We have transported to the upstairs again.   Here is a look at the guest room carpet.
Here's a look at Bedroom #1 with it's carpet.  The carpet awaits little foot prints!
Here's the other side of Bedroom #1.  Can you imagine what this will look like filled with furniture, boxes, and clothes.  We know, it is daunting to us too.
Here's is a look at Bedroom #2.  What a lovely view of the Port a Potties.  
Another look around Bedroom #2.  Oh yes, our son was really impressed that the vents were in place too!
Here is the Master Bedroom.  The carpet really ties the room together.
Another look at the Master Bedroom.  We cannot wait to fall asleep in here.
One last picture of our Master Bedroom closet.  Our son demands that this will be his bedroom.
We were so happy with all of the progress.  There has already been two rounds of paint and drywall repair and another on the way.  Everything is looking so great!

Drew also gave us the breakdown of all of the last steps for us:
  • The sod and landscaping will go in next week.
  • Third round of painting and drywall repair will happen as well.
  • The cleaners will clean and the house will be ready.
Not so fast there, quick typer.  The house will be ready and deliverable on time.  However, it does appear that the gas company will indeed foil our plans.  Drew says that the gas company is still running behind and that will delay all of the house closings including our own.  Although all of the other aspects of the house will be complete, the gas will not be hooked up and the final permits will not be processed.   

So, our dates have changed to the final walk-through on June 17th and our closing on June 18th. That actually works out pretty well for us because the 18th is the last day of school for our daughter.  So, no empty house waiting for us or no commute every day.  Life's good!

Up Next:  Visiting to see the landscaping and new lawn.


  1. You home looks great! As always, love the captions!

    1. Thank you, J and M! I always appreciate your comments and the posts that you make on your site. You have given us so many ideas for decorating!

  2. Wow! Looking great! I can't believe how far along they are! We are 7 days from close and have way more to do than you! Your PM sounds awesome too I'm totally jealous!

    1. Thank you, Rachael! We could not believe it either. I wish we were closer to closing, but that darned gas company cannot seem to get their stuff together.

      I read about what is going on at your house. I hope that everything gets fixed and you will be in the very same position as us soon. Drew has been spectacular throughout the entire process. I hope everyone has a PM as good as he has been with us.

  3. Love love love the cherry floors! (Of course, that's because we picked the same.) The house looks wonderful! Sorry you have to wait just a touch longer, but it will be so wonderful to be in! Hope your migraine is long gone. :)

    1. Thank you, newbie! I am so glad to see someone else chose these wonderful floors. I think that they look so great. It is a little disappointing because we are so anxious to move in, but it will be for the best because of our daughter's late last day of school date. It is, thankfully, gone. It took all day and night, but it is gone for now. Thank you!

  4. Stunning! Your choices came together beautifully. Sorry about the gas company and the hold-up, but you are still so close. Moving day and all the joys that come with it will be here before you know it!

    1. Thank you so much, Christina! We are so very happy. We cannot wait for the joyous day! It will be here soon. It is just difficult knowing that our home will be ready to go...except for the gas!