Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drying the Drywall

May 1 - Happy May Day, everyone!  As promised, we visited the house today to see the progress.  We were excited to see how the house looks with actual walls!  However, we wanted to be safe.  Angela sent Drew, our awesome Project Manager, a message to ask if it was okay to venture inside today.  He said that it would be okay, but Drew said there may be a heater in the basement so "DO NOT take the kids down there".  Talk about curiosity piqued!
We traveled down after Bryan got off work to see the happenings at the house.  This is what we saw.  Yes, there are many pictures, but scroll fast if you would like:

Welcome to the garage!
The ceiling and the walls have some white spots.  That should be looked at by a doctor or something. 
We could have one heck of a game of connect the dots in here!
A look out the door.
"I'm going inside, Mom and Dad!"
"Okay, I think we have the shot.  Move along."
The mudroom lives up to its name with drywall  mud.
All of this will soon be filled with cabinets and appliances.  
To the left: The future home of the refrigerator.  To the right: The pantry where Bryan can continue to get chubby.
A look at the walls separating the kitchen and the family room.  The square hole is either for the ventilation or hiding me lucky charms. 
Cannot wait to huddle around the fireplace!
A look out the back door and into the backyard.  Orange tanks....hmmm....whatever could they be used for?
Another look out into the backyard.  Look at all of that foliage and future leaves to rake out of our yard.
Look at that wonderful family room. 
Now, get thy self to the cupboard.
A look all around the fireplace.  Not entirely certain of the purpose of the outlet on the upper right.  Is this how the Angels contact Charlie?
Out of the Powder Room.  
Someone drew a funny face around all of the plumbing in the Powder Room.   We are not sure if this was meant for our son, but it made him smile.  It was at his height!
A look into the Powder Room.
Angela looks so intrigued by the permit papers.  She looks convincing that she knows what it says, don't believe it for a minute, friends!
What a great ceiling in the Reading Room.
A look from the front door down the hall.  Left: Stairwell upstairs, door to stairwell downstairs.  Right: Powder Room.  Ahead: Family Room.
Another wall in the Reading Room.  How excited are you to see another wall?  Well, hold that appetite for more wall photos.  It will be filled by the pictures that follow. 
A look out the front window and the front door left ajar.  
A look at the stairwell downstairs.
Fooled you!  Now, we are on our way upstairs.
Peak-a-boo.  He appears like one of those creepy kids in the movies.  "Hello, Danny.  Come and play with us.  Come and play with us, Danny.  Forever...and...ever...and ever."  (If that scene does not terrify you then you have no soul).  
A look back down the stairwell to the Powder Room.
The children's bathroom where all the mud from a hard day's playing will be washed away.
Peaking inside the Guest Room.
Guest Room closet.
A look at Bedroom #1.  What a view!
Bedroom #1 again.  Regular and Smurf window.
A look into Bedroom #1 closet.  
Is that a ceiling?  Yep.  You guessed right.
A look into the linen closet.  We noticed the wonky part at the top.  We are confident that this will be fixed/hidden by the remaining drywall.
Bedroom #2's windows.  Another great view for now.
Bedroom #2's closet.  
Did you honestly think you would miss out on a photo of the ceiling for Bedroom #2?
We don't think you got the true essence of the marvelous ceiling in the last photo.  So, here's another!
He wants his bedroom in our closet.  He says it is cozy.
What a ham for the camera.  He stands in Bedroom #2 to show off for awhile.
"This is my cool dance.  Yep, haters be hatin'."
He pokes his head out to feel the wall.
Ahhhhhhhhh!  A floating head!
"Nope, it's just me!"  
A look into the Master Bedroom (or the Owner's Suite if you are  all wrapped up in the controversy over the name).
Another look at the Master Bedroom.
What?!?  You want to see the whole room, right?
Here's the other side of the Master Bedroom.
Inside the Master Bathroom.  Look at that tub all closed in!
Master Bathroom Shower.  We are thinking a rain shower head is the way to go here.
So close, yet so far away.  Two cleaning stations.
Our sinks and vanity will be held here.
Inside the Laundry Room.  Look at those nozzles and exhaust.  
Here is the cubby area that Angela is so excited about in the Laundry Room.
This is for attic access.  Man, Leatherface went nuts with the saw on this one.   Hope this gets fixed too!
Back down the stairwell.
The Pisa Torre next door is underway in a major way.  This is a look out of our stairwell window.
Now, Bryan ventured downstairs on a solo mission.
This is a look at the bottom of the stairwell.  It jumped a good 20 degrees from upstairs to down because of the heater in the basement.  Pictures coming soon.
Back up the stairs.  It was sweat city from here on.
Big flames from the heater in our basement.  Where are the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers when you need them?
Can you see the Superman foil in the back?  This is a look into the  Storage Room.
Back into the Media Room and the Batwindow.
The other side of the Media Room.
The Storage Room had not changed much except the walls between the rooms were now completed.  The Energy Star sign being there still was a bonus.
A look at the Basement Bathroom.  Tin foil again!  It's a new age, Jetson's style bathroom.
Up close to the foil stuff in the Basement Bathroom.
More of the Basement Bathroom.
And again for more Basement Bathroom.
It's dark in the Office.
See.  Told you that it was dark in the Office.
Let there be light.  You did not think that you would get out of the Media Room without a ceiling photo, right?
Wires, wires, wires....or ceiling worms?  You choose. 
Back upstairs?
No, one more photo of the incinerator for mythical small creatures who want to burn sensitive documents.  
There was a line leading from the heater in the basement, out of the small window in the Storage Room, and to the orange tanks in the backyard.

One last look from outside before we leave.  See that plastic wrapped square behind the van?  Have any guess what that is?  Well, if you guessed an alien ship you were wrong.   It is our siding!
We were ready to leave when we were met by Drew on his way to the Pisa Torre next door.  We said hello and asked what was to happen next.  He said that our siding would begin tomorrow because the rain had delayed it.  We said great and were ready to head out, but our son kept yelling "Hi, Mr. Drew!  Hi, Mr. Drew!"  Drew, who is really great with kids said hello and our son said "Mr. Drew, can we play at the playground?"  It was super cute!  Drew told him that the park was open and he could play away.  So, we were off to our new playground!

A look at our little playground surrounded by trees!
He was so excited to probably be the first kid to explore the playground.
Choosing which path to follow is difficult when fun is the result of either way!
No monkeying around on the monkey bars.  Okay, so they aren't monkey bars.  Don't judge me, bro.
Hmmm.  So much fun that he cannot decide what to do next.
Swings and trees.
We can imagine that this will be a nice place to relax and read a book!
Get the heck out of here!  A sand box in the playground.  How cool is that?
Yes, this is a long post, but it was a long visit!  On our way out, we found the road was blocked by a big rig that was delivering all of the cabinets and other materials to our neighbors, Jesse and Lydia's house.  We waited patiently  but we were struck to see one thing.  Drew was there climbing up into the truck and carrying out materials into the house.  Yes, that is right.  Our super duper Project Manager is so hands on that he helps to unload the materials at the job site.  Now, if that does not earn him a note in your cool book nothing will!

Although we left the neighborhood and returned to the rental, the updates did not stop.  Drew sent us two exciting photos that we just had to show you:

You see that correctly!  The siding is going up!
Siding!  Siding! Siding!!!!
Now, how's that entry in the cool book coming now?

You've earned it.
Next up: Saturday's visit and seeing the siding!

-----------------------ONE MORE UPDATE FROM DREW AT 7:40 P.M------------------------------

Getting all set up for the high rise stuff!


  1. Drew sounds like an awesome PM! Your home looks great, and that tot lot is really nice. When your son gets older he can tell the other kids in the neighborhood that he christened the playground!

    1. He is so great. I hope everyone gets him....well, after he finishes our house, of course!

      The tot lot is really, really nice. We are so happy that it is only a little walk down the road from our house. He will be the king of the playground soon enough!

  2. That is really great progress! It looks great-- can't wait to see the kitchen and bathrooms come along. And I laughed out loud at a number of your captions under the pictures, particularly, "Come out and play...." Could hear the creepy voice in my head.

    1. Thank you, newbie! We are so happy with it so far and cannot wait to get back there on Saturday.

      Thanks for the laughs too! And those kids still terrify me to this day.

  3. How awesome! I love watching young children in their new house. We have to keep an eye on Tanner but he loves it.

    Did you send me your email address yet?

    1. They are sooo much fun! We just had a blast exploring. I am sorry, but I do not know how to send you the address. So, here it is

  4. The house looks great ! We have our pre dry wall meeting tomorrow. How long did it take for them put the dry wall up before you could go and visit?

    1. C that's great news! I hope it goes really well! We actually could have gone in the same day, but we could not make the trip. So, we went the next day. Our PM would have let us watch the guys put it up if we wanted to do so!

  5. How exciting! Great pics- thanks for sharing. Your home is coming along beautifully and I say again what a great PM you have to send you updates like that...

    Loving the "foil wrap" in the basement and thumbs up on the rain shower head in the shower :) Also, that is quite a heater...

    1. Thank you, Christina! We are so very happy with everything thus far. I cannot wait to see how that heater works in the winter!