Thursday, May 16, 2013

14 Years Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

May 16 - On this day, 14 years ago Bryan and Angela said "I do" and entered a marriage of laughter, love, and friendship.  Through this marriage we have had many adventures together and enjoyed practically every minute.  As we reflect upon our 14 years of marriage, we look back fondly of all of the wonderful accomplishments that we have made.

Above all, our two wonderful children.  They are the light of our lives and they keep us young.  There is not a  day that goes by that they do not bring us joy.  As our daughter continues to get older, we continue to be proud of all that she has accomplished and watch in awe as she becomes her own little lady.  Our son continues to become his own little person as well.  He has a strikingly different personality and continues to push himself to learn and have fun.  What a great little family!

This is the product of 14 years of marriage.
Second, we have finally found a place to settle.  We have moved so much both in our childhood and in our marriage.  We have finally found a place that we can call home.  That is a wonderful feeling.

Well, at least two.
Third, we have endured so much including graduate degrees, layoffs, and other hardships.  We continue to excel as a couple and a family.  Our wonderful life has been the product of the successes and the stumbles.  All have led to this point right here.

This is not, by far, a conclusive list of why we are thankful for 14 wonderful years of marriage, but just as this is a start of a list the 14 years is just the start of a wonderful life together.

Happy Anniversary, Angela.  I love you.  (Now, readers, you may commence in calling me a sappy romantic).


  1. happy anniversary ! here's to many more !

  2. Great little family indeed!
    Happy Anniversary Bryan and Angela! :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary! 14 years is quite an accomplishment - CONGRATS!

    1. Thank you, Radkes! Hopefully, the next 14 will be just as fun and as easy as these have been!

  4. I love reading your blog posts!! Does your job incorporate writing in any way? You do such a great job at making what could potentially be boring posts (not this one in particularly) into hilarious posts! I always look forward to reading them all :)

    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    1. Thank you Lesli for the compliments and the happy anniversary wishes!

      Actually, I (Bryan) am a professor and Angela has a degree in English. What a match!

  5. Happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing. Here's to countless more!!!