Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And the Project Manager Said "Let there be trim!"

May 6 - This is a short and sweet post for all of those with attention spans the length of when you go to the grocery store be sure to pick up potatoes.  Where were we again?  Ah, yes.  Short and sweet post.

How Bryan feels every day.
We could not visit the house again until Wednesday.  Understandably, our desire to see the home is overwhelming.  Our project manager, Drew, always helps to ease that hunger or entice it and make it go all Hulk raged and want to tear up the road to see the house right now!  Okay, easy now.  Here's what Drew sent us:

The garage is full of lots of new and interesting things!
To the untrained eye it may look like a garage filled with boards and boxes.  Okay, so it is a garage filled with boards and boxes, but those boards and boxes are going into our house!  You will notice that the larger boxes hold our cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms.  The boards are all part of the trim.  The stair rails are there as well.  You will also note one other thing that may be hiding from you like a ninja.  Our garage door has been installed and hangs from the ceiling.  Sing it Lionel:

Next up: Our visit on Wednesday.


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    1. You are most welcome, Ella May. We have a ton of fun writing them!

  2. LOL....Can't wait to see the opened boxes!! ;-)