Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There's a Light...A Certain Kind of Light (Sung in the high pitch falsetto of Barry Gibb)

May 15 - It is Wednesday and that means it was time to visit the house again.  We were really excited about what changes would be made, but we were not exactly sure what had taken place since our last visit.  We know that Drew, our project manager, said there would be multiple things happening, but we just could not remember everything.

Honey, what's happening at the house?  I think the Beav and Wally may be up to no good.
So, we sent our daughter off to school and we climbed into our four-wheeled motor carriage and headed to the homestead.  We made a small pit stop to see some of the houses that were listed as being approximate matches to our house on the appraisal.  It was interesting to see them in person. While most looked larger than our house and sported features such as brick facade, each had either little too backyard or one that was almost a straight slope down into a ravine.  Makes for "fun" sledding in the winters, but it is heck on the knees for lawn mowing.

This is not the neighborhood, but it looked very similar to this.  "Let's check out the backyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!!!!!!"
After venturing around to see the competition we shot over to our neighborhood where we were greeted by Drew.  He said that we could go on in and he would be down at our house to answer any questions we may have.  With that, we hit the gas and headed for the house for an exciting welcome.  Check it out:

Note that the gutters and carriage lights are installed!
Our beautiful light...behind a van.
Ahh, there it is close up.  Looks nice, right?
How about while it is on?  Almost magical, right?

Are you ready to venture inside?  Well, if not stop scrolling now.

UFO's or blurry picture of recessed lights?  You decide.
Our son wanted to check out every cabinet!
He found the fire extinguisher and asked Drew why he gave us the "fire equipment squirter".  
What lurks under that green tape and white padding?!?!
That is our beautiful cherry wood floors (a little dusty, but they are there).
This is our beautiful dining area light!  
Ground Control to Major Tom: There is our programmable thermostat ready to save some energy.
Under this pad and green tape lies our linoleum for our powder room. 
And our mirrors, towel, and toilet paper rods are installed.
Our Reading Room light is installed and bright!
A super fancy light.
Our wonderful light in the stairwell.
Look at that baby hovering like Marty McFly's hoverboard.
There is a look at our closet racks.
Again, you wanted to see it from a distance, right?
Look! Our tile is up in the kids'/guest bathroom!  Worker arm is an upgrade.
There's a shot from the distance!  Take that shower all in!
Look at our beautiful light above the bathroom mirror!
Hallway light is on.  Also, the white doughnut is our smoke alarm.
And another look down the hallway.  Look at our animal cages.  Drew says they are vents...sure they are.
There's a beautiful light in the master bath.  It is centered just like Drew said.
The tile is all around our beautiful soaking tub!
Now look at the master shower!  What a difference tile makes!
All of the door handles are installed.  That is a lot of nickels being brushed!
There's our little light in our laundry room.
Our son shows off the laundry room!  Ta da!!!!  
Look at those wonderful gutters!
There's Bedroom #1's closet.
And downstairs we go!  There's the cool shelf.  Now it looks cooler with the light on, right?
Downstairs light looks nice too, right?
The media room in the basement has the lights installed.
Here's a look at the office with the lights on!  No more cave atmosphere!
Look at all of those fuses!  Do you have any idea what this one does?  Where did the lights go?!?!? 
Rah looks fondly down upon us!
Even Superman's lair has a light!
 So, let's go back outside and see some of the new features outside!

Look at our outdoor electrical outlet with its protective plastic bubble!
There's our front porch light hidden above the front door.
There are the gutter splash blocks!  We hope that it matches the grass when it is in!
"Excuse me sir, but R2-D2 is in prime condition, a real bargain."
There is our backdoor light!
After looking all around the house and getting the grand tour by Drew we waved farewell to our house.  We decided to go to the park again for a little while.  Then, we grabbed some lunch at a really cool place called Sammy T's.  It is really healthy and awesome!

Sammy T's for healthy, vegetarian, and vegan.
While we were gone, we received a message from Drew that said our appliances had arrived!  Could we wait and come back another day?  Are you kidding?  No, we had to stop by and see what it looked like!

Our refrigerator is in the right place.  It was not plugged in and that is why it is not pushed back!  Doesn't it look great?!? 
The microwave is installed and the range is here!  Again, it is not hooked up yet.  We are not cooking in the middle of the kitchen!
Do you like our new roving dishwasher?!
Up close and personal to the dishwasher!
Did you want to see inside of the new microwave?  Well, if not why are you reading this?
As promised, we said that we would fill you in on the steps Drew says that we have left for the next two weeks.  Check it out:
  • The painters and drywall guys will be back in for a second run.
  • The plumbers will be a plumbin'.
  • The carpet will be carpeted.
  • Episode IV: Return of the Artiste: painters and drywallers return for round three.
  • Cleaners ah clean the ah house. (Spoken in a terrible Super Mario accent)
According to our calculations, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour you're gonna see some serious....(that's Back to the Future reference #2 for this post)...we should have just the outside landscaping to complete.  We are not sure if Drew gave us a date on that one or not, but it should be soon, right?!

And in other news.....

We did have one shot of bad news that we thought was coming anyway because Drew had warned us.  It seems that the gas company is still behind in laying the gas lines for the entire neighborhood.  This will delay our closing perhaps for two weeks.  Dun-dun-dun.  They want to make sure that all of the gas lines are in, hooked up to the houses, and there are no leaks.  We guess to avoid a major gas leak in the neighborhood is worth the delay.  On the bright side, this will mean that the closings in the neighborhood should go like domino   We will all be in around the same time!

Up Next: Visit on Wednesday to see the carpet! (Unless we hear updates from the loan people or Drew).


  1. The kitchen colors look nice together! Your PM really is "super drew" for keeping you updated.

    1. Thank you, J and M! We are so happy with it!!!! Also, Drew is the best. I hope everyone has a PM as good as ours has been.

  2. You are almost complete the BIG day is only moments away

    1. I know! It is getting so close! We can't wait!

  3. Everything looks great, the fixtures, the floor....Oh I love those hardwood floors, the tile, the appliance!! The kitchen looks awesome, everything coming together. Thanks for posting these pictures.

    1. Thank you, S and P! We are so happy with the way that everything looks so far in the kitchen. It seems so weird that it was not that long ago that we were walking around in homes that were just about to be delivered and dreaming about what our home would look like!