Sunday, June 2, 2013

Landscaping and Oh, So Close

June 1 - It has been an entire week since we were able to visit the house.  We knew that there was one big thing happening and a few minor, but important, touch up jobs happening.  We wanted to wait to be able to get the full view of what our home would look like on moving day.  Well, we are happy to report that it is very, very close to move-in quality.  Unfortunately, the gas company is still scheduled to delay us for two weeks!  No problem, though.  We were still happy to see this when we arrived:

Under a shady tree, you and me (for all you Laurie Berkner Band fans out there)
A little green goes a long way!
Little bushes ready to climb to the sky!
A view of the front yard.  No more sold sign, plastic covered fence,  or giant rocks.  Just lawn goodness.
Here's a look at our backyard.  It is much greener than this.  Not so green that you could, say, hide Lou Ferrigno in it, but green nevertheless.
Ah, there's the green.  It looks really good to us.  Now the kids can run races with built in lanes.
Another look at the yard.  To the left is the beginning of our neighbor's yard.  They are getting fairly close to the finish line too.
The edge of our yard and a drop down.  It almost looks like a before and after Gillette commercial.
Look at all of those lovely trees in the back!
One more look at the lawn.  Can't wait to water it and mow it.  Wait, I have to mow this?  
Now, how's that for a house!  Our door has been painted and it is waiting for us to make it a home.
The landscaping looks so wonderful, at least to us!  The rain today should give everything a good soaking, get the mud and dirt off of the driveway and perk up those trees and bushes.  Wooohooo!

We had a few neighbors stop by our egress window.  Cicadas are everywhere!

A little under a month ago, we posted a list of issues that we saw in the house.  We promised that we would do some follow-up with each of the issues.  We have done so throughout posts that occurred after the May 11th post.  We are happy to report that it appears that most, if not all, of those issues have been repaired.  The second and third paint jobs and drywall repairs did wonders.  Below is an example of one of the repairs.  The last time we saw this, it was a big hole where the drywall nail had been punched through.  Now, it has disappeared.

Smooth as a criminal...according to the late Michael Jackson.
Overall, we are very, very happy with what appears to be the final product.  Certainly, there are a few minor issues, but these will all be resolved we are sure of it. 

We did have a brief anxiety attack about the loan process, but it was all a little misunderstanding due to a lack of communication.  It appears that our delay in closing will not affect our locked rate.  Good news!  Another piece of good news that we received from Gary, our loan officer, is that our file is complete!  That means, we are just waiting to sign that paperwork and close on that house.  Now that deserves a call back to a 1980s movie called Think Big for a little luck chant Bryan always likes to say:  

Chicken bone, chicken bone.
Rabbit, rabbit treat'em good,
Lucky, lucky, knock on wood.
Yogi Bera, Tug McGraw.
Start'er up, kumbaya.

We cannot wait to move in!  Only 16 more days until closing! 

And now, for something completely different.  

During our next 16 days, we will post the top things that we are looking forward to in our new home.  These are in no particular order, but they are what excites us the most.  We are taking inspiration for this from our fellow blogger, K M's Our Journey With Ryan Homes.  So, without further adieu.  Here's number 30 and 29.


A garage.  It may appear to be something that is not a big deal for many.  A garage is a garage, right?  Many people around here use their garages for storage and fill them up with so much stuff that they cannot park in them.  Well, we will be using the garage for its intended purpose.  It will be so nice to not have to clear snow and ice from the windshield, heat up the car in the winter, or worry about kids throwing a rock through the window (it has happened).


A community area.  We have friends who have very strong communities where they have holiday BBQs, neighborhood family-oriented block parties, and just a really good relationship with their neighbors.  We have become very comfortable with our next door neighbors.  They are very, very nice and we think that will be awesome neighbors.  We have also met a few other neighbors and they appear to be very friendly as well.  It will be a home for hopefully a very long time for us all.  The houses are being built and lots are being sold.  It won't be long now!

Up Next: More countdown and any other updates from Drew, our project manager.

Until next time, dear friends:


  1. Everything looks great! Excited for you guys!!

    SO close!!! :-)

    1. Thank you, S and P. We are so happy that it is only 15 days, but it seems so far away!

  2. So jealous they sod your backyard! We only get the front and sides with a seed/netting in the back!!! Looks great :)

    1. Thank you, Sperkins! It is very weird about the subtle (or not so subtle) differences between the communities. You would think that they would sod the entire lot if they are going to do the front and the sides. Strange!

  3. Looks great !! So excited for you guys !!

    1. Thank you, C!!!! Your house is looking wonderful too!!!!! It is not long for both of us!