Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good News With a Side of Slight Panic Attack and Countdown Continues

June 21 - Sorry, dear friends, for the delayed postings.  We have been pretty good about keeping the postings up on a regular basis until now.  Well, let's turn over a new leaf and say that the delays are behind us, shall we?  Well, this week was filled with the roller coaster of emotions.  There were ups, downs, sideways, and straight up topsy-turvies.  It was enough to make you more ill than watching a film based on a novel written by Nicholas Sparks.

It is such a shame and totally believable that ridiculously attractive people can't seem to find love in those  North Carolina towns.
Let's begin with the good news.  We received a message from Drew, our project manager, that the gas company finally figured everything out.  Now, the houses in our neighborhood are hooked up and the meters are installed.  A 24 test needed to be conducted and then it was to be smooth sailing time.  Drew said that our walk-through would now be on Tuesday, June 25.  However, due to the multiple homes closing at the same time in the neighborhood (re: all that have been waiting for awhile for the gas company delay) and Bryan's work schedule we are now closing on Friday, June 28.  It looks like we will make it just before the beginning of July.  Right on?  Then, we received another call and it went something like this.

Hey there, NVR, calling.  We have some questions.
Our loan processor, Chrissy, informed us that because our original closing date was June 7 and the process had been delayed so much that they needed to do a quick run through of everything again.  Our completed file was now on the verge of being incomplete again.  Luckily, we had been good girls and boys and avoided making large purchases or affecting our credit in anyway.  So, it should be easy right?  Well, maybe not as easy as you would think.  It caused us some anxiety, but Chrissy continued to comfort us and said we would be closing on time.  There wouldn't be a delay.  She also said that our rate would not be affected either.  Well, it was a long three days.  Sitting, waiting, wondering.  Then, we received a call today telling us that the file is complete again.  Just take our advice, dear friends, do not test the waters and assume that everything is a green light.  Wait it out and make sure those keys are in your hands.

And who doesn't feel this way two, three, four, or twelve times during the building process?
Now that it appears that we are back on track, let's continue with the countdown.

Screw Ryan Seacrest.  There will always only be one king of the  countdown.  The king is dead.  Long live the king!
Here is the countdown so far:

                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space
                   26.  The Soaking Tub
                   25.  The Kitchen Cabinets
                   24.  The Outdoor Carriage Lights
                   23.  The Master Closet
                   22.  The Dishwasher
                   21.  The Landing Window
                   20.  The Laundry Room
                   19.  New Carpet
                   18.  The Mudroom
                   17.  Our Landscaping and Trees
                   16.  The Reading Room
                   15.  Our Neighborhood Playground
                   14.  The Home Office
                   13.  Our Lighting
                   12.  Storage
                   11.  Speakers in the Ceiling
                   10.  New carpet.
                     9.  Our Master Bedroom/Owner's Suite
                     8.  Energy Efficiency

Our basement.  No, it does not look like this anymore, but it does remind us of the protection that it will provide.  Being transports to the East Coast, we are not set with the same mentality as the natives.  The idea of tornadoes seems almost a foreign concept to everyone out here.  They seem to happen so irregularly that people dismiss them all together out here.  However, the time honored Midwestern tradition of huddling in the basement every weekend to avoid tornadoes is a lost art out here.  Well, not for us.  Besides, Dorothy would have been better served if she would have just made it into that storm shelter with Aunt May and all of the others that seemed content with leaving a child out in a horrific storm. 

"Dooooorttthhyyy!  Doooorrrthy!  Well, I guess she's not coming.  Let's close it up, deuces."
Then again, she would have never been able to rock those ruby slippers or get to see what we can only assume to LSD induced hallucinations.  So, there's always an upside to everything, right?

Well, we will pause the countdown there as it seems that we still have six days until closing.  However, it will be in six days and then we will be just like our heroes.  We patterned our entire lives after them. 

We too are movin' on up.  Get my hat, Weezy.  

Until next time, dear friends.  May the odds be ever in your favor.  If not, get a girl who knows how to carry a bow and arrow.  

Up Next: The Countdown Continues


  1. As always, great post! Glad everything came back positive from NVR.

    1. We are too! It was a little "gulp" there for a moment!

  2. Argh, any kind of delay is so frustrating, particularly this close to the end. We're closing on July 5, and have had to dance the dance of the seven veils as well, including explaining the most random things on our bank statements. Who knew we'd have to prove that the checks we wrote to Ryan for our downpayment actually cleared? (HUH?) Methinks that if they bounced, you wouldn't be building me my house!! So happy for you that you are in the home stretch--will be looking forward to inside pictures of your new house!!

    1. I know, newbie. It is so strange that they are basically the same company and the heavy lifting is on our end. Well, hopefully all of the dancing is done for you too. Tell them that if they want you to dance they are going to have to resurrect Patrick Swayze!

  3. So true ! Nothing is for sure till you get those keys in your hand.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rome! So close yet so far away!