Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Son of a Biscuit Eater and the Countdown Continues

June 11 - Well, our good luck has run thin.  It appears that the gas company is running out of gas.  Get the pun?  Our project manager, Drew, contacted us and said that the gas company is still further behind.  They have still yet to complete the gas lines in the neighborhood.  Yes, the actual neighborhood lasts for quite a while and we are certain that laying the gas lines is much more complicated than we imagine.  And, if we only walked a mile in a gas man's shoes then we would understand....yep.  Well, all of that being said we are delayed for another week.  That's right.  Our home is completely built.  The touch-ups have presumably been complete, the yard is in, and we are waiting for the gas company.

Now, in their defense, it has been raining for the last couple of days.  Of course, they have had ample time of warm and dry weather for the past couple of weeks.  Just like good, seasoned procrastinators, they delayed during all of the warm and dry weather.  Why work when it is so nice out?  That's crazy.  Then, when it is time to work it is too wet to lay the lines.

Golf clap?  Golf clap.
So, we are now projecting a close date of the 25th.  Just a reminder for those just joining us while the program is in progress: our original close date was June 7.  Then, it was delayed because of the gas company until June 18.  Now, it looks like it will be June 25 if they get their gases moving.  See what we did there?

"What did I say to you? Those phone lines are over there.  What did I say?!  How many times?!"
"Hey, hey.  You're not with Con Ed, or the phone company, we've checked.  So tell me another one."
"I got a major gas leak here.  What do think all of this is coming from, the sky?"
With all of this said, it appears that we will have to continue waiting.  We were really looking forward to moving into our home next week and all of our belongings have been packed.  We are ready to get the stuff loaded into the truck and move on down the road.  But, it appears that we will not be haulin' cubes anytime soon.

Enough with the rant on the gas company.  We know, we know, it is only a week and others have been delayed much longer because of permit and construction issues.  We are lucky to have a completed house and to be just waiting for the gas company.  So, there is a brighter side to every full glass of water served on a monkey's back with bull horns.  Let's get our countdown on, shall we?

Remember, be excellent to each other.
We have already discussed a wide array of things that we are looking forward to in our home.  We have been counting two per day because of the previous closing date.  Well, we now have to heed the advice of those smarter than we when they tell us to:

Slow it down.  No one wants to get Munsoned.  
So, we will only be counting down one per day until our new closing date.  A little recap for those who have not been keeping up with our extraordinarily interesting countdown!  So, here they are:

                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space
                   26.  The Soaking Tub
                   25.  The Kitchen Cabinets
                   24.  The Outdoor Carriage Lights
                   23.  The Master Closet
                   22.  The Dishwasher
                   21.  The Landing Window
                   20.  The Laundry Room
                   19.  New Carpet
                   18.  The Mudroom
                   17.  Our Landscaping and Trees
                   16.  The Reading Room
                   15.  Our Neighborhood Playground


The home office.  Bryan does a ton of research, writing, and working from home.  He had an office all to his own at one time.  Then, it became half baby room and half office.  Then, he had his own office again to finish his graduate degree.  Then, it was off to another degree where he had an office the size of a closet and filled with mice.  Disclaimer:  We were renting a home on a farm and the landlord said "Meh, it happens when the fields are harvested.  Deal with it."  Then, he had an office in a dank and very cold basement.  Imagine doing research for a graduate degree in three layers of clothes, a stocking cap (which was updated to a ski mask for the winter), gloves, and a Snuggie.  Yes, Bryan bought a Snuggie to stay warm.  

He looked a lot less happy than these clown shoes.
Currently, Bryan's office is a half of a level up from the family room.  So, when the family wants to watch television or use the bathroom downstairs they must go right through his office.  This will be a nice, cozy, warm office that Bryan can relax in and get some work accomplished.  Good things, right?

Hopefully, it will be a little bigger than this.
Up Next: We will visit on Friday and do our own video walk through to post for those of you who are interested.

Well, that's it for the countdown today.  Perhaps, the Purple Rain will shine down on us and we will get some good news that the gas company has suddenly gotten on the ball and the delay was a bad dream.  However, that would be like wishing the last episode of The Sopranos was nothing but a nightmare.  How is it that the episode just st


  1. You are almost there. A few weeks will fly by and seem like a small blip once you move in. Congratulations.

    1. I hope so, Rome! It just seems to be taking forever!