Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

June 16 - Happy Father's Day everyone.  If you are a father, then take some time to celebrate you with your family.  You work hard or you hardly work.  You are the head of the household or you, at least, answer to her.  You are  a beacon of light to your family or at least someone who gets to navigate the television remote.  Ah yes, father's.  Today is your day to celebrate you.  The dad. The papa.  The tatti.  The tad.  The popà.  The mzazi.  The otec.  The ôèe.  The patri.  The pai.  The tata.  The pedar.  The baba.  The bapa.  The pater.  The abonim.  The babbo.  The athair.  The pita-ji.  The banketi.  The tatay.  The otec.  The abbi.  And for those who are Dutch, the vader.  

So, the best Father's Day gift ever would be to be able to move into our house.  Soon.  Oh, so soon, right?  Well, it will be a good post Father's Day gift anyway.  Feel good that you are probably a better father than this guy.  

So all of that blathering on and self-congratulating aside, let's move on with the countdown, shall we?  Let's see how our banana stand will be looking in a little over a week.  Here are the greatest hits of the countdown so far:

                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space
                   26.  The Soaking Tub
                   25.  The Kitchen Cabinets
                   24.  The Outdoor Carriage Lights
                   23.  The Master Closet
                   22.  The Dishwasher
                   21.  The Landing Window
                   20.  The Laundry Room
                   19.  New Carpet
                   18.  The Mudroom
                   17.  Our Landscaping and Trees
                   16.  The Reading Room
                   15.  Our Neighborhood Playground
                   14.  The Home Office
                   13.  Our Lighting
                   12.  Storage
                   11.  Speakers in the Ceiling

In honor of our countdown beginning at 10, let's hit the turn table:

It's the Final Countdown...da da da daaa.  Da da da da da....da da da daaa....

New furniture.  Angela and Bryan bought their living room and bedroom set when they were married.  Although, it has held up very well over 15 years, it is time to move on.  New house plus new furniture equals new life.  Who could ask for more?  It will be good to be back at that time where we are overly paranoid about eating and drinking on the couch.  The cushions will be firm because they have not had hours of afternoon naps that have "broken them in".  It will just be all around nice to sleep in a new bed and feel like everything is brand new again to match our brand new home!

Well, it is back to the family, so we will bid you adieu for the moment.  

This is Les Nessman saying good day, and may the good news be yours.
Up Next: The Countdown Continues


  1. Star Wars and Arrested Development. Can't stop laughing. I don't know where you come up with these or how long it takes to do so, but there are fantastically spot on. Very very very funny. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Ella May! We really have fun with it.

  2. Cannot agree more with Ella! Hope you had a great Father's Day! :-)

  3. As always, great references. We also can't wait to pick out furniture sets (we've come across a sectional set from Havertys we really like). Can't wait to see what made it inside your top ten!

    1. Picking out the furniture is so much fun. We can't wait until we actually have it!