Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Informal Walk Through and Continuing the Countdown

June 4 - We had our informal walk through today.  We scheduled this with our project manager, Drew, with the hopes to get everything out of the way as far as minor issues with paint and any other items.  We want our formal walk through, which takes place on June 17th, to focus on things such as warranties, how to run the appliances, furnace, fireplace, etc.  We wanted nothing to detract from all of the happiness that we already have about the home.  So, we met Drew at our soon-to-be new home in the morning to take a look see at any issues we may have had at these very last stages.

How could anyone have issues with this great house?
We found very few and Drew was more than happy to get them repaired.  Most revolved around the staircase, but it was good to get this out of the way before the final walk through.  As always, he was very patient and answered any questions that we had about the house.  It was really, really pleasant.  He did offer up some helpful information about a few things we have been wondering.  We thought we would share them with all of you other wonders.

"We only have 75 more to go."
First, we have been seeing on others blogs that their PMs used a Geotac membrane for waterproofing the basement.  Our basement was covered in this black goo that more closely resembled that weird, and totally unexplained, black goo from Prometheus.  There were so many problems with that movie.  For instance, why did the blue engineer drink the black goo in the first place?  Why was there an alien statue in one of the rooms, but it had not been introduced yet?  Why was Charlize Theron in the movie?  We fear these things may never be answered.  Thanks alot, Ridley Scott.  Okay, enough tangent there.  The black goo was a similar membrane.  It works to expand with, and if, any cracks occur.  So, our stuff is as good at keeping out water as the other one that looks like a trampoline has been attached to the basement walls.  Our stuff was a black rubberized membrane.  Whatever that is.

The GeoTac Membrane
Our waterproofing rubber membrane for our home.
Second, we were able to ask about the sod.  We were a little worried that our poor lawn may go to waste because of the very hot weather that we have been having and because all of the workers have moved onto other projects.  Drew assured us that a water truck comes around and waters the lawns until we close.  That is good news!  We did not want all of that great new sod to go to the great sod plot in the sky before we get a hold of it.  Wait, that sounds wrong.  We will certainly take care of the lawn, but both Bryan and Angela have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to landscaping.

Hey, it's still hanging in there.  One day it will grow up to be a big beautiful tree.
We looked all around the house and pointed out some of the minor issues and Drew was happy to tape them and get them repaired.  It was quick and, hopefully, painless for all involved.  Now, we can just sit back and wait for the final walk through on June 17 and the closing on the 18th.  Which leads us to our newest segment the:

We have already discussed some of the items that we are looking forward to in our new home.  Here is what we have covered so far:
                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space

Now, it is time for two more as we work our way toward closing:

Our soaking tub.  It will be really nice to have such a deep tub to soak our weary bones after move-in day.  The tub is deeper than any tub we have had before.  Although, Bryan, who is really tall, looks more like an outtake of Gulliver's Travels (the 1977 version, not the abomination that was the Jack Black version in 2010) when he gets in there, it will be a great tub!


The kitchen cabinets.  We are so very excited about all of the storage space in the kitchen.  It will be really nice to have all of our kitchen items unpacked once we arrive and get settled.  We are so excited about moving in at this point that we are currently eating off of paper plates!  

Well, that's all the news that you can use for this week, kiddies.  Be sure to have your Little Orphan Annie decoder rings for the next installment of the Countdown!

Bonus points if you get that movie reference.  Points deducted if you have to Google it.


  1. I think the last picture is from a Christmas story! One of my favorites.

    1. Don't forget to drink your ovaltine!

    2. You got it, tourqeyes and J and M! Well done!!!!

  2. Very nice! Good to know that it was a pleasant meeting ad you got most of the minor stuff covered! Its getting close now! :-)

    1. It was a very nice tour of the house. It was so great and it gives us so much peace for the final walk through! Not too much time at all.

  3. Fabulous pantry! Plenty of room for Ovatine and Stay-Puft Marshmallows.

    1. Hahahaha! That may be where I have to hide the Red Rider BB Gun!

  4. Too cute!! Your kit hen looks great!! I love your WHITE HOUSE!

  5. I came across your blog today and glad that I did. We are building a Venice as well in the Pittsburgh area. We didn't do a morning room and it has been impossible to find pictures of what it will look like.

    We have stopped at a number of models and houses under construction to see if we can find one. And of course-they all have a morning room.

    Good Luck with your closing!!
    We aren't scheduled to begin until 7/1.

    1. Welcome to the blog family, Amanda! We were fortunate that our SR took us to a home that was being built in the area that did not select the morning room. That was the only way for us to see one in person. Did you start a blog?