Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good News and Countdown Continues

June 19 - It has been another busy week and we are not even moving yet!  We continue to pack and get the rental home ready for our leaving.  We have also been setting our strategy for moving.  We had a U-Haul  reserved, but the delay forced us to reschedule.  Now, the U-Haul size that we want may not be available.  Aren't there somewhere close to a billion of those trucks in the nation?  Maybe U-Hauls are just like pairs of pants.  The most popular sizes are never there, but the size made for walking sticks and Stay Puft marshmallow men are always ready to go.

This is the last one available.  Unlimited miles for as many as it will go.
So, onto good news.  Well, it appears that the gas company has made it through all of the chaos.  Yes, it seems that they have latched onto the old gas lines from the neighborhood next door and we will be set up in time for our new closing date.  Let's hope luck stays on our side for that one.  If not, we shall have to remedy it and make our own luck.

Daffy's working on getting us a lucky rabbit's foot.  It ain't goin' so well.
Well, onward with the countdown as we are now in the single digits!  

Here's a list of our greatest hits so far:
                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space
                   26.  The Soaking Tub
                   25.  The Kitchen Cabinets
                   24.  The Outdoor Carriage Lights
                   23.  The Master Closet
                   22.  The Dishwasher
                   21.  The Landing Window
                   20.  The Laundry Room
                   19.  New Carpet
                   18.  The Mudroom
                   17.  Our Landscaping and Trees
                   16.  The Reading Room
                   15.  Our Neighborhood Playground
                   14.  The Home Office
                   13.  Our Lighting
                   12.  Storage
                   11.  Speakers in the Ceiling
                   10.  New carpet.


Our master bedroom/owner's suite.  The bedroom is so big and has some great lighting.  It will be a nice place to relax and let the day's concerns wash away.  Of course, it will be much better with our new bedroom furniture in place, but it looks great to us.  We know that the Rome has an extra seating area and that others have much larger rooms, but this one is just right for us.  Nights filled with sugar plumbs and dreams of candy canes or snoring.  Whatever, it's a great space for us!  

Oh, so true.
Energy efficiency.  Yes, Ryan Homes touts that like it is their own elementary school honor roll kid, but it is something that we are quite proud of as well.  We have had some experiences with our past heating and cooling experiences.  Living in the Midwest, we had a hot water heater that filled with lime.  The bottom was pure solid rock.  That was fun.  We had another home that we rented that had a heat pump.  Well, "heat" was up for debate.  The warmest that it got in the winter was in the low sixties.  Our landlord said "Yes, well that is what a heat pump does."  Keeps you alive?  Keeps the pipes from freezing?  Let's you walk in the shoes of a pudding pop?

JELL-O Pudding Pops.  Doo Pop Dop Beebop Diddly.

We also had one heating system in a home that was so drafty that you would feel the heat for a moment.  Then, you would feel a cold draft like Ghost Dad just walked by (That's Cosby reference #2 for this post).  

The carpet is lava!
So, a very efficient, and quiet, HVAC system will be wonderful.  We will have a nice warm home in the winter and a cool one in the summer.  Plus, the bills should be lower, right?  Well, let's put old Energy Star to the test.  

Well, that's all we have for today.  The countdown will continue until we close.  Then, dear friends, the sky is the limit.  Well, unless you have a rocket.  Then, space is the limit.  Well, we suppose just to the moon for now if you are human.  If you are a robot then Mars. Yes, definitely Mars.  So, Mars is the limit, right?  Well, unless you have a book then your imagination is the limit.  Okay, now we're confused.   Where we're going we don't need roads.  

Until then, always remember:

We are the online version of the Breakfast Club.


  1. Woohoooo! Congrats on the gas. I mean gas line news! ;-)

    1. Hahahaha! That really made me laugh! Well done!

    2. Your sense of humor is rubbing off on us! ;-)

  2. We have used Penske in the past as well as UHaul. If you can't get a truck with UHahl try them. Good luck and you will be in sooner than you think.

    1. Thank you, Rome! We will give them a shot.

  3. "touts it like its own elementary school honor roll kid"---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!