Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sorry for the Delay

June 15 - Sorry for the delay in posting, our online pals, life has been a wee hectic with storms, jobs, packing, family, and all around chaos.  We hope that this is not a sign of the future where the blog will die post closing.  Let's keep our toes crossed that the blogs will continue.  Well, now for the good news.

We were able to go to the house and do a video walk through.  This is for all of those who have searched endlessly to find a video walk through.  The one that Ryan Homes provides is great, but it does not go everywhere in the house.  What does the basement look like?  How about that extra room?  The closets, you say?  Well, none of those are in their official video.  We captured everything and it will be posted soon for your viewing pleasure.

Did we get you?  The video is not loaded yet.  Ha!
We also ran into Drew, our project manager, and he gave us the latest update on the gas company.  They are working to get everything completed, but they are trying to latch onto an older community's gas line in the adjacent neighborhood.  Well, it appears that Ray Charles must have written the schematics for the older community's gas lines because they keep going to where it shows and they are four to five feet away from the right area.

Way to go, Ray.  You need a little less Georgia on your mind and a little more concentration on your gas line diagram.  
Well, all of that aside.  It appears that we are still on track for our closing date.  At least, for now.  So, we will continue with the countdown, but we have some catching up to do.  Let's begin right now, shall we?

Our lovely hosts shall lead the way!
A little reminder of the countdown so far:

                   30.  The Garage
                   29.  The Community
                   28.  A Backyard
                   27.  Family Space
                   26.  The Soaking Tub
                   25.  The Kitchen Cabinets
                   24.  The Outdoor Carriage Lights
                   23.  The Master Closet
                   22.  The Dishwasher
                   21.  The Landing Window
                   20.  The Laundry Room
                   19.  New Carpet
                   18.  The Mudroom
                   17.  Our Landscaping and Trees
                   16.  The Reading Room
                   15.  Our Neighborhood Playground
                   14.  The Home Office


Our lighting.  We did not do anything fancy with the lighting.  We did not upgrade, but we are very happy with the standard brushed nickel lighting that is all throughout the house.  It may not be something that is terribly cool to others, but hey, who are they to judge?  Maybe we don't like their lights in their houses that they are so happy about.  Did you ever think about that?  Anyway, we love the way that our lights look in the house and it gives it a really nice glow.  We are looking forward to seeing it at night (something that we have yet to do).  So, to our home we say:

Our house will be the light of the neighborhood.  (How's that for a pun?)


Storage.  Ah, yes, the storage.  For some, there may not be enough storage in our home.  For others, there will be too much.  For baby bear, it is just right.  We love all of the cabinet and closet space, as well as, the storage room.  We are very happy to see that we will be able to use some of the kitchenware that we had yet to unpack from our previous move.  How exciting!  Storage is key, but we are trying to downsize.  So, it may end up being too much storage.  Perhaps we can store our supplies for the zombie apocalypse.  That should work, right?

We are looking forward to seeing how many chainsaws and Cheez-its we can fit in the house.


The audio speakers in the ceiling.  This one goes to 11.  We are looking forward to watching movies as a family and listening with clarity.  We are also looking forward to having sound come from all around us rather than in front.  Again, not much for a true audiophile, but hey, who asked you Jack Black?  

Skippity do, ahh yeah, right!  
We will have a great time as a family and we cannot wait to watch Army of Darkness Spongebob and hear it oh so clearly.

Well, that is it for the countdown for now. Next, we will move into the top 10 before we close on our new Venice home!

And that concludes our broadcast day...

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