Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No News is Good News (Whatever That Means)

March 2 - There has really not been much movement.  We have submitted more pay stubs and other financial information to continue to meet those "conditions" they discussed.  We have been told that the pre-construction meeting should be in that nebulous week or two range.  Whatever that means.  It is not too worrisome because we are getting ready to be walloped with snow in the next day or so.  It would have been great if they were in the midst of laying our foundation and it was buried under a foot of snow (that was sarcasm if you could not tell from the italics).  So, it is a blessing in disguise that we are held in a waiting pattern.

We could end up like Randy soon enough rockin' a cool snow suit and waiting for success to reach us.
We did visit the site this weekend.  There was not much changed to the neighborhood.  There are still no other houses started in the community.  However, there was one lone worker running a grader to get the rest of the lots level.  We did not get out this time because our "yard" had not changed in any way.  Still no sold sign though.  Everytime I see no sold sign I remember the words of the great and powerful, though small in stature, Arnold J. (Jackson) Drummond when he queried "Whacha talkin' 'bout, Willis?"  Whacha talkin' 'bout, indeed.

So, we wait.  We wait for an answer on our pre-construction meeting time.  We wait for snow to make us oh so chilly.  We wait for....well, we wait.  Patience is a virtue, or so said someone with a lot of time on his hands.

Until next time, Gadget fans.

Even Inspector Gadget says "Hey, when's the pre-construction meeting already?"

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