Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

March 31 - There is not much that is new to report at the build site.  Well, we really do not know because we are waiting until Monday to view it again.  However, we hope that the Easter bunny is already picking out places to hide eggs at our new home next year!

Okay, so that was not our house or our kids, but it was a really cute video!

We did receive a flyer in the mail for an invitation to the "Muddy Boots Tour" which is a guided tour of the community before the public grand opening.  It is more for a seller's presentation of the different lots that are still available.  We are not sure if we are going to attend because it is not really for people who already own a home/will have one soon enough.  It is for those thinking about building a home.  The only function we believe we would serve is as a further selling point for Ryan Homes.  "Tell us about the process..."  "Please explain your excitement about the building of your new home..."  Although everything is working out just grand, it would be an awkward situation.  So, we are still unsure.  Has anyone attended one of these events who already purchased a home site?  If so, please let us know how it went.

Muddy Boots tour of the neighborhood - kitten is an extra selling point.
We did learn from the brochure that the model being built in our neighborhood is a Venice!  Well, we will be able to get some decorating ideas without having to drive hours to see another model.  So, that is good news there!
We believe the model will be similar to this one.
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Lucky to have your floor an end up as the model. Maybe you can see if the theory holds "most people in a neighborhood end up building the model home floor plan". That definitely held true for Brentsmill with all the Misthavens we saw in that section of the neighborhood.

    1. I know! That is why I am happy that they have gone with a different elevation than we selected for the model. Hopefully, more people will choose that one and leave us with our model all alone! :-)

  2. That's great to have your house as a model. We are building an Avalon, and are building somewhat "blind" as we've only been through partially built houses, and one finished one that isn't the same layout as ours. Good luck with your process!

    Our neighborhood doesn't have a Muddy Boots tour (although if I could score a kitten, I'd have to find one at a neighborhood nearby), but it might be worthwhile for you to attend. You might meet some new neighbors, or be able to feel out if the people who are looking are families with young kids, or no kids at all yet, or teens. Might give you some sense of what your new community will be like!

    1. Do you have a blog? I clicked on your name, but it sent me to a place that just lists the blogs that you follow. I would love to follow your progress as well!

      We are still debating about the Muddy Boots tour. I am not sure how many of the owners will be there. However, you are right! It is worth a shot. There has to be more kids there than the meet and greet...I hope!