Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Have a Basement!!!!!

March 23 - We visited the site today during our usual Saturday trip.  We packed the kids in the car and headed for breakfast at Country Cookin' again.  Then, we set on the path to see what was happening at the work site.   As an aside, it is difficult to figure out what the proper term for it should be.  It is no longer just a lot because there is actual building taking place.  It is not a house yet, so perhaps we should just stick with "site" for now.

We thought we would arrive to find our neighbor's homes underway and our concrete basement still being hidden by the steel forms.  After Froggering our way through the neighborhood under construction, we arrived at our site.  We found that the two lots next to us have sold!

Low and behold we saw a worker emerging from what will be our basement.  Wait, what was he doing climbing around down there?  Then, another and another.  They were removing the steel forms to reveal our basement walls!  Woohoo!  Here are some pictures that we took:

They used a steel form as a drawbridge!
That is the egress window poking out!
That is a view of what will be the storage room!
To the left: Media room and storage room.  Straight ahead: office and bathroom.
The concrete wall is revealed!
A distant photo takes it all into perspective.
One worker lugs the steel form from out of the interior of the basement.
After feeling that the workers were feeling a little intruded upon, we jumped back into the car and headed for the "bouncy place" or KDz Kids World again.  The kids had a blast jumping all around and making new friends.

Our four year old was tuckered out!
Hot, sweaty, but still having fun!
We decided to go to lunch and to Target before swinging back by the site for a second time.  We went back to find the neighborhood to be a ghost town again.  All of the workers had finished for the day and we were left to take some more pictures.

A look down into a mysterious room.  There is no entrance or exit....hmmmmm.
Another shot of the "Batcave".
The storage room and the egress window to the right.
Small window in the storage room.
From the back of the backyard.
Looking through the egress window at what will be the office and bathroom.
A view from the front yard.
A view of the neighbor's property from the left side of the house.
The backfill will hide these walls soon enough.  So, we took a last glimpse.
A lonely piece of pipe waits below.
The only two windows in the basement.
Looking from the back right of the house at the storage room.
A view from our curb into what will be houses soon enough.

A look down in the moat!  It will all be filled very soon!
As we started to go out of the neighborhood, we waited for a truck that was backing down the street.  We could not figure out what was going on until he pulled up to our driveway.  He was picking up the steel forms to haul off to the next site.  Job finished!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

We await the word on the backfill and the floor of the basement.

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