Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good News - And a Checkup

March 19 - This is a short one, but an important one nevertheless.  First, we received a call from Renee at our future settlement company.  She was just reaching out to see if we were still on track for the delivery date.  It was, admittedly, a little strange because we were told there was a delay in the permit.  Also, it seemed that NVR or Ryan Homes would keep the settlement company apprised of the progress.  However, it was good to begin the conversation about settlement.  We did find out a few things that may help out some other Ryan Homes buyers.  The quote from NVR loan processor, Gary in our case, must be very, very close to the final number.  Certainly, if percentage rates increase then there will be a little movement.  However, with new laws in place there cannot be drastic jumps in the final closing costs. Good news for us!

"Hello, this is your settlement company calling.  Are you currently happy with your cable provider?"
The second lot of good news is that we received an e-mail from our project manager, Drew.  He informed us that the county came through!  Our permits have been received and we break ground on March 20!  So, it appears we may be on time after all.  Well, it's a good start anyway.  Do not rain on our parade and tell us that there are multiple permits to go, the Spring weather is unstable, and that multiple other issues could come up along the way.  Don't get all "Murphy's Law" on us (the colloquialism not the British television show)!  We will be on time.  Come on, will it with us!

Eddie Murphy's Law states: Sometimes you want to make a Beverly Hills Cop, but other times we all have to make a Pluto Nash.  [The man is dropping science].

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