Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow and Packing

March 17 - We ventured to Lowes to pickup packing boxes.  Despite any delay that we are having with the permits, we know that we will be in the home sooner than we think.  Angela is a packer!  She cannot stand to not have everything packed weeks before the move-in date.  It is a good trade off because Bryan is normally the one who will be lugging all of those boxes in and out of a U-Haul truck.  So, all's fair.

And so it begins.
One empty cabinet...much more to go.
Just a few minutes later and all of these boxes are packed and sealed.  
The exciting part begins soon...we hope!  We will have everything packed and ready for the day that we close and are given the keys.  Well, perhaps a few days after.  Who knows?

March 18 - Snow did arrive.  Our daughter's school is cancelled for today.  So, it may be good (again) that they did not start today because it probably would have been delayed anyway.  We await the green light from Drew so that we know when the ground breaking will commence.  Cross your fingers, true believers.

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