Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Organized

March 5 - I have done a disservice to my wife.  She has done something that I have often thought about doing.  However, actually doing it is one thing.  Saying that you are going to do it takes much less effort on my part.  This requires a bit more explanation.

You see, as you go through the process you are inundated with paperwork. You are asked to resubmit the paperwork that you have already given; sometimes multiple times.  You are given other forms to sign and date, initial, mark in blood, and to provide a urine sample.  As these items continue to pile up you may be inclined, as I have been, to say "We should really get all of this organized".  That is layman's talk for "This sounds like a good idea that I am going to throw out, but I will probably never do it.  I am content to just let it sit there and pile up only to be frustrated later when I cannot find something".

I don't see a problem here, do you?
Then, Super Organized Woman swoops in and saves the day.  Perhaps, I should rethink that name to avoid any confusion about the unfortunate acronym that accompanies said name.  In no way am I referring to my wife in such a manner and I shame you for even thinking such thoughts.

Anyway, back to reality.  Angela transitioned into super organized mode.  She put together a binder filled with materials for each room.  This includes paint samples, furniture pictures, decorations, and anything else that we have picked out along the way.  Instead of following my method (which incidentally never works) of saying that we will just remember it later, she has taken to organizing it for a smooth transition into the home. I am quite proud of her for attempting to overcome her husband's clear inadequacies.

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