Monday, March 25, 2013

Late March Winter?

March 25 - Mother Nature and Father Time must be battling it out right now, but both are on our naughty list.  It seems that winter was not quite through when spring wanted to poke its head up.  Sure, we had some wonderfully sunny days.  Then, winter came back.  Brrrrrr!

Mother Nature slapping Father Time in his stupid face for thinking it could be Spring already.
We had some snowfall, but not much to speak of, really.  However, the cold, snow, and slush made for another delay.  We e-mailed our Project Manager, Drew, to see if they were able to do anything for this week with the weather.  He responded that the plumbing would be going in tomorrow.  The weather can't keep these guys down!  So, we welcome the plumber, crack and all [referring to the posterior, not the other kind].

Next up, our visit on Wednesday where we will see what progress has been made.

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