Thursday, March 21, 2013

And the Foundation Shall Be Set

March 21 - We just broke ground yesterday.  It was such an exciting day, but surely it will take awhile for the house to begin, right?  Again, you are so wrong.  It is a good thing you are not trying out for a game show because you would be a terrible contestant.  We are afraid that this could be you:

We received an e-mail from our Project Manager, Drew.  There were no words, but that did not diminish the magic of receiving it!  Here is what he sent to us:

What once was just a hole is now the start of a house!
That's right.  Our foundation was being laid today.  We are moving on full steam ahead.  Also, please note that one of the workers is standing completely upright.  This shows how deep our basement will be in the ground.  You may be thinking "yeah, so."  Well, it is really nice to actually see a basement that will be completely submerged.  We see so many partially underground basements around here that we are so excited to see our entire basement will indeed be underground!  That just makes us want to dance!  "Lawrence, let's broaden our minds!"   [Bonus points if you get that reference].

Until next time...stay fresh.

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