Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pre-construction Date Made!

March 5 - We received the e-mail today from Mark and Lauren to set up our pre-construction meeting!  We are so very excited.  We will get to meet our project manager and he/she will walk us through where our house will be, what the building process will entail, and MOST IMPORTANTLY a projected timeline.  We will finally learn when we may be able to move in.  [This is the moment when a fast talking voice-over says All information is subject to change.  Building a home may result in anxiety, anxiousness, nervousness, excitement, and depression.  If you witness any of these symptoms contact your sales representative immediately because it may be an indication of a more severe issue.]

Let's hope it goes better than when Larry, Moe and Curly build a home.
Anyway, we are really excited to be meeting this Friday at 1:30 p.m.  This is, of course, if we are able to make it out of the snow that they are calling for the next couple of days.  We may have to take turns hopping in and out of the car while our three year old stays out of the cold.  Brrrrrr!

Let's hope it is not this bad!

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