Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breaking Good

March 20 - We drove down to the site to see the ground breaking.  Drew informed us that digging would begin today and that we were more than welcome to stop by and take some pictures.  So, after Bryan arrived home from work, we packed our four year old in the car and Angela drove us down to the homestead.  We were certainly excited, but how much could they really get done in one day?  It was a ground breaking, could they really get so much done that we would be able to see where our house would be?  Would we be able to see its shape?  Surely not.  We were only giving them a few hours from a morning start and there were other holes to dig outside of the one that had been delayed because of a permit.  However, we will let Starship provide the words for us:

Well, we were wrong. Incidentally, so were you if you answered no to any of the above questions.  Why do you insist on being such a pessimist?  Always look on the bright side of life.

Here is what we found when we arrived today:

Not a great picture because we could not actually enter the site itself.
See that big pile of dirt to the right?  That is what used to be where our basement will be!
There, you can hopefully see the hole a bit more in this photo!
So much for the nice, smooth ground that was there before.
Coming back for another load of dirt.
The bulldozer disappears into the basement.
Movin' right along...foot loose and fancy free.
Look at all that dirt!
Our son loved to see all of the machinery!
Angela and our son watch Bob the Builder in real life!
We will visit the site again this weekend!  More updates as they arrive.

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