Thursday, March 14, 2013

Macho, Macho Men!

March 13 - Bryan's best friend, Gregg, arrived from Chicagoland on Tuesday.  So, we decided to take a trip down to the lot to show him the location.  We warned him beforehand that Drew, our project manager, had told us that work would not be occurring before next week.  We fully expected to find the lot in the same shape as we found it three days before.  Our Lot 8 sign with our self-secured SOLD sign would be the crown to a large square of dirt.  A few stakes would be emerging from the ground with small pink tassels.  To expect anything more would be a mistake on our part.  However, Gregg said he was just interested in seeing where the house was located.  In the words of Westley:

After our 10 year old was off to school, we loaded our 4 year old, our guest, and ourselves into the car and headed for the lot.  We felt a mixture of excitement and pride as we set out on our adventure.  Although, we were full aware that it would not be a "Ta-da" moment, but more of a "Ah, I see" type of feeling it was still very exciting.

We arrived at the neighborhood to see that entering would not be as easy as it had been in the past.  Large crates and dumpsters donned the neighborhood street.  Workers were crisscrossing the soon-to-be lawns and a giant backhoe was blocking the way as it was digging the foundation of another home.  Alas, we had to turn to Gregg and say, "Well, you do not even get a chance to see our dirt.  Sorry."  He shrugged it off and said it looked like it will be a good location.  So, we left the job site and decided to head to Barnes & Noble.  This is one of Gregg's favorite spots and Angela can shop for books until the Apocalypse and probably during it as well.

The newly opened Barnes & Noble near what will be our home.
We spent some time drinking Starbucks, browsing the selections, pointing out how much Stephenie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks books are abominations, and watching our 4 year old son make new friends by the Lego display.  We decided to get back on the road again once we felt that we had spent enough time looking around.  We were heading back to the rental townhouse to continue our evening.

However, Bryan is a determined individual, if nothing else.  He decided to take one last swing into the neighborhood and see if there was a chance that the workers were on lunch.  Well, they were not, but the backhoe was now in the middle of another lot.  The road was clear enough to pass to show Gregg the actual site.  Well, we were surprised to see what we found.  Take a look:

Large rocks were now in what will be our driveway.

Plastic wrap and stakes outline our land.

The old Lot 8 sold sign looks pretty good in an actual job site.

Our land reaches all the way back to the established trees.

A single gas line emerges from the ground awaiting the hook up for our stove.
We left the site very, very excited.  Although digging had yet to commence, seeing the land staked out and the rocks at the entrance was a sight for anxious eyes.

We arrived back at the rental and sent Drew the following e-mail:

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 6:23 PM
Subject: Lot #8

Good evening! We drove by the site today and noticed some progress! If you have time, will you please send Bryan or me an email or text when you know when you will break ground at our site? It would be exciting to see that! Thanks!

Drew replied very quickly with:

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 8:03 PM
Subject:  Lot #8

We will break ground next Monday the 18th!

That's right!  You read it correctly, we break ground on Monday!!!  Now, it is becoming a little more real with each passing day.  We can't wait.

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