Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Backfill and Seafood

March 31 - We visited the site again.  This time, we wanted to see what progress had been made and to see if our backfill had started.  Well, we were happily surprised!  We found that the moat was now disappeared.  All of the walls were now underground.  Bryan jumped out of the car to snap some pictures because all of the other workers were working on the model and another Venice up the street.  This is when he snapped some pictures, TMZ style:

Farewell, moat.  We "bare"ly knew you!
Reminds Bryan of playing with toys in the dirt!
We hope that dirt is not filling in the egress window - that is our Batescape!
The driveway leads up to the garage - what was once a mysterious room is now filled with dirt.
That is where our Venice will stand soon enough.
One last shot as the last push of dirt covers the back of the basement.
We left the site to go do some shopping at a few local stores.  We had a bad experience at Best Buy, don't get Bryan started!  Then, we scoped out a place for lunch.  Bryan loves seafood, but hates places like Red Lobster.  So, he always searches places with some uniqueness.  So, we tried Steamers Seafood.  It was quite good, despite the very poor reviews it received on Yelp.  The prices were reasonable and it was not seafood that sat in a lake of butter or was breaded and fried.  Real seafood.  Good things.

Yummmmmmm! (Well, Angela's a vegetarian, so, yuck on her part).
After eating, we discovered that Steamer's is only a hop and a skip down the road!  So, that is good for Bryan!  We dropped by the site one more time to see if anything was happening and if we could get some close ups of the final product.  Well, we arrived at the site and Bryan got back into Jimmy Olsen mode.  However, he was startled by a worker who suddenly appeared from down below!  Bryan hung back and snapped a few photos before that worker started a bobcat to deliver the steel wire mesh for the basement floor.  So, no close-ups, but this is what we have:

From the right of the site.
That will be our front porch soon enough.
Driveway again!
And another shot of the driveway.

From the left side of the house - Angela's reading room will be there soon!
Right side of the house again.
The Bobcat delivers the wire mesh to the workers below.
Off with another load of mesh.
Finally, we drove around just a bit because Bryan spotted a back porch that he liked.  Having a full deck built seems crazy as our backdoor will not be very far from the ground.  Sorry for those people who own homes with decks that are raised a foot off of the ground, but it seems weird to us.  So, it appears that more of a patio will be in order.  Here is the one that Bryan thought was really interesting:

Also, if this is your house - well done.

More updates as they arrive.  Stay tuned!

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