Sunday, April 14, 2013

Visit From Friends - Guardian Walk Through Scheduled

April 13 - We have been talking up our experience with our family and friends.  We have told them about the blog, but we kind of figured that most would think "hmmm, I'll check it enough to appear like I am sharing in their enthusiasm".  However, our very good friends, Kelly and Shannon, have been soooooooo supportive of our decision to build.  They have been very encouraging throughout this process.  However, the biggest bonus points for them is that they traveled all the way to site to check it out.  We received this photo from them that shows the progress that happened on Saturday.

"Guess where we are!"  
This was so great because our friends drove down to see our house in the midst of the building process!  It was also nice to see some changes had been made.  First, the entire house is now covered with plastic.  Second, we have a wonderful new window installed in the reading room.  Third, it appears that we were incorrect.  The top window on the left side is the bedroom window.  The lower window is the staircase.  It appears that the leprechauns will have to find an alternate entrance.  So, thank you to Kelly and Shannon for the picture!!!!!!!!

Sorry, Lucky.  No charms for you.
A little side report of what we had a chance to do instead of making the trip for ourselves.  We took the kids to the Weems-Botts Museum in Dumfries.  It was kid's day and they were teaching kids what it was like to live near Quantico Marine Base during the 1940s.

Weems-Botts Museum - Home of the author of The Life of Washington (1800)
They learned about rationing, blackout drills, and had some ice cream soda!  They also had a chance to meet a World War II veteran.  They had a really, really great time and have been playing 1940s all day!

There is a really nice little park connected the museum.  It gave the kids a chance to run around and be silly.  It was a wonderful day.  Well, when things got out of hand in sibling rivalry it was off to the stockades for them!

He looks so sad about being stuck in there!
Almost a real tear, good thing it is hidden by those sunglasses.
There's a big smile!

Finally, we did receive a call from Mike, our Guardian representative.  He has made an appointment with us on Wednesday.  We will be walking through the house to point out where some of the features that we ordered will go.  This will be prior to the wiring walk through!  Crazy stuff, but really cool!

Next up, a visit on long and prosper, friends.


  1. Those are some really nice friends!

    My mother brother cousins and nieces plus nephews drive from New York in the middle of the build! So nice to share with family/friends !!

    1. You are sooo funny! That is so wonderful that you had some nice family that came to visit! It makes me wish that our family did not live so far away.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! They are a couple of goof balls and real hams for the camera. We had so much fun!

  3. House is coming along wonderfully!

    That's great you are finding things to do with the kids; there are a lot of things to do in the DC metro area - you just have to find them (and brave the constant traffic). It looks like they were having fun!

    1. I know! The traffic is so terrible and unpredictable that we do not get to do as much as we would like. We have visited the Smithsonian a number of times and some of the other attractions, but it is tough to get around at times. So, we choose places that are close so that we only have to battle for a short time. That is why were are looking forward to all of the history in our new area!