Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pre-pre-Wiring? Walk-through

April 17 - Our Guardian representative, Mike, requested a pre-pre-wiring walk-through this morning.  We knew that this would be to discuss the wiring over the fireplace for the television and the speaker system.  Of course, we wanted our speakers to go to 11.

So, we sent our daughter along her merry way to school and climbed into the car for our trip down to meet the "Wiring Dude".  Certainly, we were excited to discuss our wiring, but we were most excited about seeing the inside of the house.  Angela has said that people may be sick of looking at the same pictures of the outside.  There must be a (sarcastic) "wow" factor when we point out that one window has been installed in a house that looks almost exactly the same as it did in the previous entry.  Well, let the real wows begin because Cha-cha-changes are happening!

During our trip down we received a picture update from our project manager, Drew.  Check it out:

The roofer was beginning early this morning.  
We were so excited to see someone Clark W. Griswolding it up on our roof.  We were also excited to see that all of the windows were now installed!  Wooo-hoooo!

We arrived at the site a little early, so we had a chance to snap some pictures of the outside.  We know, let the sarcastic "wows" commence:

A truck in the driveway and one on the lawn, but the roof is getting covered!
A worker walks out of the garage, but this is a good look at all of those wonderful windows.
This will be where Santa will be landing soon enough!
A look at the right side of the house.  Windows installed.
Moving around back you can see the roofer balancing on the edge.
All windows and the sliding glass door have been installed!  
We noticed that work was being done at the Sienna next door, so our son wanted to take a closer look at the guy on stilts.  He said he looked really funny like one of the Three Stooges.

All stilts and legs, but no head!
Oh, wait.  Nevermind.  Strike that.
 While we waited for Mike to arrive and Drew went to get his hard hat and check the other sites. Bryan and our son decided to go exploring.  Our son has not really gotten much of an opportunity to play Diego during one of the trips.  So, we did it while we waited.

Which way do we go, George?  Which way do we go?
Off they go through the rocks and dirt!
It's sooooo far!
Oh, look.  Dirt!
Up on top of the mountain so high!
Kings of the mountain top!
And they are back from their great adventure.
After their great adventure, Mike and Drew arrived to take Bryan through the walk-through.  We thought this would be the pre-pre-wiring walk-through, but we discussed so much.  Yes, the speakers and the outlet above the fireplace were discussed.  We also discussed cable jacks and phone outlets as well.  Perhaps it was the wiring walk-through?

Best to have a professional do all the wiring so that Bryan doesn't end up looking like this.
We thought that Angela would have to stay outside of the house because our son was with us and it would be too dangerous for him.  However, Drew gave us the okay to take him inside!  Super bonus!

Mom and son in hardhats and smiles!
Hot water heater, two bathtubs, and shower bottom.
Fireplace in the family room!
Right: Bedroom 1 facing the front of the house. Left: Master bedroom.
Bedroom 2 facing the front of the house.
Bedroom 3 facing the rear of the house.
A look into the attic and the roof.
Down to the first level they go!
Inside the kitchen.  Sliding glass door and kitchen window.
Reading room window and front door.
Reading room.
A look up the stairs to the bedrooms.  Front: Stairwell window.
In the basement.
Egress window.  Quick, Robin, to the Batcave, old chum.
Left: Bathroom.  Right: Office
Angela is so excited about her reading room that she needed one more shot!
He is directing all of the rocks to keep building our house!
Arrivederci, house!
 It was a really great experience to see the inside of the house!  We had so much fun seeing all of the house before the drywall comes along.  There were workers putting in all of the duct work while the roofer continued to hammer above.  Drew and Mike were wonderful about pointing out items and answering our questions.

We also learned a few things:
  1. Roof will be completed very soon.
  2. Siding will go on in a week and a half.
  3. They will be concentrating on the inside in the coming week.  
  4. The plumber and the electrician will be working to install everything this week.
  5. The pre-drywall walk-through will be April 24.  
So, things are moving very quickly.  Mark Paul Gossler, that's cool!

We may visit again this weekend, but our big update will be the pre-drywall meeting!!!!

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