Sunday, April 21, 2013

Venturing Inside

April 20 - Well, it has been a few days since the last post and we have yet to update everyone on our most recent trip to the house.  Hey, we have had so much to do lately.  Plenty of ins and outs.  Busy, you know how that goes!  We just can't stop daydreaming about what it will be like when it finishes!

We cannot wait until the house is a reality!
Our daughter gets slighted about seeing all of the progress on the house because the majority of our trips take place during the week.  So, she only gets a chance to see the house if we go on the weekend.  Well, this weekend was quite special because she was going to get to sneak a peek at what will be her bedroom.  She was really, really excited.  
Okay, so she doesn't look like Grover, but he is the King of Wishful Thinking.
In fact, she was so excited that she got a fresh new haircut for the occasion.  Well, she was going to get a haircut anyway, but it was a great start to the day for her.

A little Cousin It here.
Add a little Alfalfa.
Is that really how you are supposed to hold the hair dryer?  Angela has been doing it wrong for years.
Steam roll those curls.
We e-mailed Drew, our project manager, to make sure that it would be okay for us to enter the house.  He told us just to be careful.  That was great news!  We packed the kids into the car and headed for the house.  The kids played in the backseat while we dodged crazy drivers.  We arrived safe and sound at the house and the kids could not wait to get inside.  We had the house all to ourselves.

Here is what we saw.  Some are good, some are of items that we want to question during our pre-drywall meeting on Wednesday.  We welcome any thoughts on any of these pictures so that we do not sound like total clown shoes during that meeting.

A crumbled corner of the cement of the outer garage.  This will probably be covered by the driveway.
Are the ventilation pipes supposed to be crushed?  
This is a look into our powder room.
There are small gaps some places.  
Back through the powder room.
The reading room.  Notice the orange paint on the ground.  This is where  someone (maybe Drew) pointed out areas that need to be fixed.
The front door.  Notice the orange dot above the door.  There is a gap between the frame and the door.  
Reading room window looking out into the front lawn.
The kids'/guest bathroom tub and shower upstairs.
Bryan standing in the kids'/guest bathroom - Sorry so blurry!
A look into guest bedroom.
A look through two bedrooms.
The kids playing in her room.
Let's pause as we strike a pose in her bedroom.
A look into the master closet.
Bryan looks in the master bathroom.  Our daughter checks out the shower.
A look down into our soaking tub.
A look at bedroom #1 and the master closet.
Look through the laundry room to the master bath.
Inside the laundry room.
They both look so serious as they look at every inch of the place.
The men of the house stand inside of bedroom #1's closet.
One more time with more enthusiasm!  Let's see those pearly whites!
A look inside the mudroom door into the kitchen.
She looks out the egress window in the basement.
Bryan inspects the bathroom and office downstairs.
Looking over every inch of the basement.
Another blurry one but this is because Bryan moves like the wind.
She stands in the storage room.
Hot water heater and HVAC unit has been installed.
A look at the ceiling.  The green dots are where Mike marked for the speakers to be installed.
A look into the main ventilation.  
Calling all people in the house!  
A look through the pantry and behind the refrigerator through the garage.
The stairs leading to the upper level of the house.
A look at the kitchen.  Notice the recessed lighting!
A look into the backyard from the living room.
They look at the fireplace and walk around in the living room.
It rained the night before and this was the only wet spot that we found inside.  This must be checked.  Our fireplace should not be leaking water, right?
Caught sneaking out of the house already!
We had so much fun looking around.  The majority of the issues that we found have already been marked with the orange paint.  They should be fixed before the pre-drywall meeting on Wednesday.  We will keep our eyes peeled.  

Next up, questions to ask/Things to look for during the pre-drywall meeting.


  1. Great pictures and beautiful family. House is definitely getting there!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! We are so very happy with the progress. You have a great looking little guy there too!