Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Basement and Garage Floors are in!

April 3 - We are continuing to move forward!  We went for a very quick visit to the site today in hopes of sneaking up to see the garage and basement floors.  We arrived at the site to see construction happening everywhere, but our site was there all alone.  It was because the cement is curing, but it just sat there all lonely!  So, Bryan hopped out of the car and Angela grabbed the camera.  Cue the maestro.

We ventured all around and tried to take as many pictures as possible.  It may be a little overkill and you may be thinking "Wow.  Yep.  It's a basement and garage floor.  Whoopty frigin' do!"  But, hey, we won't judge you when you take pictures of your concrete floor!

There she sits all buried!
As taken from the right side of the house.  
Here is the back, right side of the house.  That machine in the distance is delivering concrete into the steel forms for another home!
Looking down through the egress window at the basement floor.
The garage floor.
The storage room.
The garage floor again.
The garage floor from the front.  Notice the ever so gentle slope!
Garage from a distance.  The driveway is now filled with rock again.

Looking down into the basement.  Right: Storage room with rough ins for water heater and sump pump.  Left: rough ins for basement bathroom. 
Hovering over Bryan's office and bathroom looking back at the media room and storage room.
Garage floor with storage room window in the distance.
One more look at that beautiful basement floor.
There is not much else to report.  We just hopped back into the car and fought the traffic going north to return to the rental.  The wood arrives on Monday, so it should be more photos and updates coming soon enough.

Until then, first star to the right and straight on until morning!


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    1. You will be there hopefully very soon! I am now following your blog and hoping for progress for you!

  2. Looks great! Shouldn't be long before you start to have floors in the rest of the house! ~ Amy (

    1. Thank you, Amy. Yes, it should not be long at all! By the way, I love your site! It looks really great. I have it saved in my favorites. I look forward to seeing your progress as well.