Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother Nature Can't Stop Us!

April 12 - Well, we sang "Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day" in hopes that we would still get a chance to venture down to the home tonight rather than tomorrow.  We found some fun things to do in the area for the kids tomorrow, so we thought it would be a nice change for them to stick around the rental home for the weekend.

So sad to be stuck inside when our new home is waiting for us!
Well, first things first.  Traffic stinks worse than an old man's breath after eating garbage and sauerkraut.  95 was a parking lot, so we gave Hwy 1 a shot.  It took us an hour to get 7 miles.  No, I am not exaggerating.  Most of you would say "give up and go another day".  Well, what is the fun in that?  The kids were playing video games or taking a much needed nap while the parents were just staring at taillights.  So, it took us nearly two hours to get 20 miles, big deal?  Avoid going South from D.C. on a Friday.  There is never a need for that.

This is how everyone feels on a Friday in D.C.
After that long drive it was so wonderful to arrive at the house to find this:

We have a roof!!!!!
A little closer, in case you did not see it, because we have a roof!
From the right side of the house - front bedrooms & master closet window.  Master bedroom windows on the side.
A look inside the garage.  There's the little circle vent for the attic.  The kitchen and mud room are in the rear.  
There are the stairs leading to the second floor.  It was so hard to not walk in and go upstairs.  Too dangerous!
Through the front window you can see the crisscross of the stairs.
There is our front door and the windows!
Master bedroom windows.
Top: Master bedroom windows, master bath window.  Below: kitchen window, sliding glass door, family room windows.
The sunset peaks just above the corner of our house.  A sign perhaps?
Another one from a distance, but you can see the full view.
Left to Right: Top: Bedroom 1 windows (2); Bedroom 2 windows (2); Master closet window (1).
Bottom: Reading Room double window; front door and porch; garage
A look at our fireplace jutting out from the left side of our house.
Some of our siding or trim.  Look how white!
We are so excited about the fireplace that we snapped a closer photo.
Top: Stairwell window.  Not exactly sure what the small hole is in the middle.  Perhaps it is for ventilation or leprechauns.
One more look from a distance.  
A look at what is going on down the road.  Windows are in for all the other houses, but they started before us.
Our neighbor's foundation was being laid for their Pisa Torre.
Farewell photo.  When we see it next it may be all closed up!  
We were so pumped that we could hardly stand it.  Well, we the parents and our daughter.  Our son says that it is a "boring place" because we cannot go inside.  Humbug!

This is how our son feels about the prospect of going to see the house!
We grabbed some dinner at a really elaborate Japanese buffet called Teppanyaki Sushi & Seafood Buffet. It was pretty good and the kids had a chance to feed some fish and turtles before we left.

A glimpse at Teppanyaki Sushi & Seafood Buffet
Then we hit a couple of stores before heading back home.  It was hard not to day dream about our new home during the ride back, but we will be there soon enough!


  1. 95 is the worse!!! I moved to the DC area two years ago but travel back home (Richmond area) almost every weekend and get stuck in that traffic on Fridays. Now I wont go unless I've left before 2 or I'll just wait until about 7 to leave.

    1. You have an excellent point! We will have to get used to the traffic patterns when we commute. Fridays are off limits for work!!!