Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Visit and Meeting More Neighbors

April 6 - First, we decided to not join for the Muddy Boots Tour.  Although it sounded like it may be interesting, we wanted to wait for a little while.  We planned on reserving our trip to the site until Monday.  You may remember that Monday is the day our wood for the framing will arrive.  However, it was difficult and our daughter said that she really wanted to go and see what progress had been made.  It appears that she may be getting a tad bit more excited!  We were also excited because it gave us an opportunity to get another close look at the basement before it is covered with more house.

This is how Bryan inspects the basement.
So, we packed the family into the car and we hit the road.  We traveled down to the site to see if anything had happened.  Alas, there was nothing more to our site.  However, our daughter did get a chance to walk around and see the basement.  She seemed to love the adventure aspect of it.  We did not take many pictures, but Bryan was able to take two pictures of our daughter standing on what will be our front porch soon enough!

Thumbs up from our daughter, loyal readers.
Even more enthusiastic the second time around.
Our son was passed out in the car from the trip.  While he rested, Angela and Bryan started a walk around the basement.  Bryan had a chance to sneak around, but Angela has elected to stay out of the mud.  Perhaps that makes her smarter, but let's not go tossing around compliments all willy nilly.

So, it's a little muddy.  So what?
The tour of the basement was wonderfully delayed.  We were met by a couple who rode up the street on a couple of motorcycles.  The husband stopped and said "Are you 8?"  We indicated that we are.  "Well, we're 9!"  They are a very nice couple who are building a Pisa Torre.  The Pisa is a ranch style home, but it looks quite big for a household of two.

This is the Pisa Torre model.  Our neighbors may have a different elevation.
We did learn that while they do not have young kids living at home, they do have nieces and nephews that are between the ages of 9-11.  Hopefully, they will visit often so that our daughter will have some playmates of her own age!  It was really great to meet them and we think that they will be wonderful neighbors.

After that, Bryan and Angela walked around the basement and became even more excited as the home began to come together in their imagination.  We piled back into the car and headed for a cheap dinner.  Then, we stopped by Hobby Lobby and looked around to get some decorating ideas.  They had some really fun stuff.

We also stopped by a store that piqued our curiosity called "and That!" which appears to be related to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It was a better Big Lots, but it was fun to check out.  There was not much there of interest to us, but it was fun to look around.

Well, that ended our impromptu visit to the site.  It was fun to meet the new neighbors and see how many sites are now sold.  We are very excited to see the arrival of the wood on Monday.

Stay tuned!


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    1. We do too! So much fun stuff in there! It gives us so many ideas!