Friday, April 5, 2013

Financing Things and a Couple of "Oopsies"

April 5 - We received word from our loan processor, Emi, that we are coming close to the 60 days until closing mark.  Seems strange as our framing has not even started yet.  We thought the 60 day mark was the pre-drywall meeting that is another 17 days away.  Nevertheless, she said we are preparing for that 60 day mark.  Anyway, we wanted to give you some idea of the items that they wanted just so it does not hit you by surprise like it did for us.

This kid's face captures the way that we felt!
Some of the items are expected because we are considered "Approved With Conditions".  This includes:
  1. Current paystubs
  2. Current bank statements
Wooohoooo! Paperwork!

The things to prepare for, loyal readers:
  1. Copies of all checks paid to Ryan Homes for the Good Faith Estimate with accompanying bank statements.
  2. Brand new tax returns (Good thing we filed early!)
Now for the strange or unexpected:

An inside joke between Bryan and Angela, but some of the things below may be showcased at such a place.
  1. Contact for homeowner's insurance for a home that we have not closed on or actually been fully approved for...weird, huh?
  2. An additional check for the Appraisal.  This is above and beyond the Good Faith Estimate that was already thousands more than the actual closing costs.  The money cannot be taken from there, it must come from our pockets prepared for that expense.
  3. Finally, we apparently owe Ryan Homes $1.00.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A dollar is due in our Good Faith estimate.  So, we contacted our Sales Representative, Lauren, to see if this is right.  If it is, we are sure that we will have to write Ryan Homes a check for $1.00, get a copy of the processed check from our bank, and provide a current bank statement that shows that Ryan Homes received the check for a dollar.  
Once again, DJ, if you will:

All is very interesting, my friends.  It will all be worth it in the end, but be prepared!


  1. Funny, I remember this stage! #gutwrenching #whewgladitisover


    1. So, there is an end to all of this! Thank you for the piece of mind. By the way, I looked at your site. You home is beautiful!!!