Monday, April 15, 2013

Windows, Rain, and Progress!

April 15 - We drove down to the site today after breakfast.  We wanted to see what progress had been made since Kelly and Shannon visited.  Also, we waited for the slight sprinkling to subside because we thought there may not be much completed while it was raining.

We arrived at the site to find some progress had indeed been made.  For your enjoyment:

Second floor, Women's Lingerie and Sporting Goods.
Many workers are climbing all through the house right now.
A view from the front.  You can see the kitchen through the garage and Reading Room window.
Looking up at the bedroom and the left side.
No other windows on this side yet, but it is coming along.  Lots of hammering was happening!
A little closer now.
From the front again you can see the workers have a cooler.  Somebody's going to eat in our house before us!
You can see the through the kitchen window and the sliding glass door.
One last look at the front before leaving.
So, we climbed back into the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and we headed back out of the neighborhood.  We decided to stick around in the area to see what progress may be made later.  We went to Kohl's and returned to the mall for a much needed indoor playtime for our son.  Our daughter was finally able to make her Build-a-Bear, so it was happiness all around.  We caught some lunch before heading back to the site for one last photo shoot.

Bryan put on his boots and braved all of the mud to take some pictures of backside of the house.  So, play it again, Sam:
Still so much hammering happening inside.
Walk the plank, me hardees!
The kitchen window has been installed as have the family room windows.
A look from the backyard.  Notice the concrete being poured into our neighbor's Pisa Torre.
Directly behind the house now.  Notice the lower level has been almost sealed.
Again from the backside.  You can see through the garage in the distance.
Moving along to the side of the house.  
All the way to the side now.  The forms on the right are for the neighbor's Pisa Torre.
Back around to the other side.  
Tried to snap a picture of one of the workers in the bedroom window.
Back around to the front.  
Concrete being delivered next door.  A house will be there soon enough.
A worker grabs one of the windows in the garage.
Windows are being delivered upstairs.
One window waits to be installed in one of the bedrooms.
The house looks great, but there was one concern.  We saw a small pool of water that had collected in our kitchen because the sliding glass door has not been installed.  We are worried because it did not appear that anyone was cleaning this up and hoping that mother nature would be taking care of it.  We have e-mailed our project manager, Drew, to see if this should be an issue.  We will let you know what we find out.

Bryan wanted to include some photos of the current state of the neighborhood:

The Venice Model (in the distance) is coming along.  The Sienna (front) has its insulation installed .
The Pisa Torre (in the foreground) is coming along as is the Venice (in the distance).
Across the street from our house you can see how the neighborhood will be extended.
The Pisa Torre next to our house is the furthermost lot in the neighborhood currently under development.
One last look down the corner of the currently empty neighborhood.

We will visit again on Wednesday for our pre-pre-wiring meeting.  Let the fun begin as we actually enter the house!

We sent a message to our project manager, Drew, to see about the water in the kitchen.  He has assured us that there is no real reason for concern.  Drew informed us that Ryan Homes uses the highest grade OSB and it is designed to withstand this type of weather.  We do not need to worry about the floor warping.  Whew!  Better safe than sorry, so we are glad that we asked.  

Whew!  No more worries.
Also, Drew replied within an hour!  That is amazing considering that he should have been getting home right about that time.


  1. Very cool. I like how flat your property is!

    1. Thank you! We do too. We looked at some sites that had steep inclines or declines in the back. We really liked this one because of the flat land and the trees in the back.