Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Paperwork and Possible Good News

February 26 - We were contacted today by one of our sales representatives, Lauren.  She has informed us that there are a few more items we have to sign.  Well, technically, we have already signed these forms, but Ryan Homes wants all of the information condensed into one document.  They want a single document rather than having multiple copies with change orders, choice selection, wiring, etc.  We get it, but it is another step of "Submit" and then "Re-submit."  I am sure there will be another "And theeeeeeeeeen" coming soon.

So, we needed to print, sign, and resend the information.  This is not a big deal, but it is something that they said would more than likely happen in the beginning.  So, if you are starting the building process and they tell you this, believe it.

We were also told that we would be contacted in the next week or so to set up the pre-construction meeting.  "Well, we are ready when you are" is what we were thinking.  Ah, well.  The process will start soon enough.  Then, the fun will really begin.

You said it, Beaker. 

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