Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visiting the Model and 14 Day Last Minute Changes

February 2 - We took some time to visit the model that was over an hour away.  This also gave us the opportunity to go to the National Archives in Culpeper and watch Disney's The Little Mermaid with our kids.  First, we went to the model.  We took only a few pictures because while the sales representatives there were friendly enough there was a weird vibe.  So, we looked around and then left as soon as we could.

Only a few pictures, but it gave us some decorating ideas and a chance to see what the home looked like with all of the furniture in place.  Then, it was off to watch Ariel pine for her Prince Charming on the big screen.  It was great, but our son was a little scared of the witch/octopus so Bryan had to wait with him in the lobby while our daughter watched the film with Angela.  The National Archives in Culpeper is such a wonderful place.  To watch a film there is wonderful and as the great Ferris Bueller once said, "It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend [it]".  He was right, after all, he was the Walrus.

Well, after choosing our flooring it was time to make sure that we had everything that we wanted before our time for changes was over.  If you remember, we had 14 days to make changes after we met with Lauren to discuss options.  Our 14 days was up and we needed to make some last minute changes as the deadline approached at the end of the day.

First, we wanted to add a fireplace.  The fireplace has always been something that we really liked, but went back and forth about this option.  Was it necessary?  Could we use that money somewhere else in the house?  How often are we really going to use it?  After all, we have a fireplace in our rental and we have maybe used in once in three years.  What is the point?  Well, the point is that we wanted it and believe it really ties the room together, much like the Dude's rug.

Next, we decided to remove the extra window from the bedroom.  We decided that there were enough windows in there and this deletion could save us nearly $500.  So, why not?  Maybe this will be something that we add later, but it is not necessary.

Third, we added lighting pre-wires for sconce lighting in the basement.  This would add three light fixtures for the media room in the basement.  Certainly, this could have been completed after construction, but it seemed like a good idea to get those in before the drywall was hung on the walls.  Now, when all of that is complete then the room will really be tied together.  The Dude abides.

Our changes were sent in and updated.  This, of course, required more signatures and paperwork, but we got everything we wanted right under the deadline.  Good things.

Now, if we could just get through the approval process for the loan.  I know what you are thinking, "they did all of this and they have yet to be approved?!"  Well, you're asking the right question.  A logical person would perhaps question why this was happening, but in reality it is because the wiring, flooring, and 14 day changes could have dramatically increased the total for the home.  This would have changed what we were asking for in the loan.  Point in fact, when we sat with Dannie to discuss flooring she said "Now, they want you to keep it under $15,000".  15 grand!  Who in their right mind would add that much?  Not us, I assure you.

Next up, waiting for approval from NVR and more paperwork.

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