Saturday, February 23, 2013

NVR - Mind on My Money and Money on My Mind

January 21 - We were on our way to meet with the mortgage guy, Gary.  We had gotten a little more excited  about the house, but we were still reserved.  Who knows, this could all fall through the second that we met with Gary.  Sure, Mark and Lauren had "pre-approved" us, which was little more than running our credit and asking us some questions, but the real deciders were the money people.  Or, in the case at hand, the money man.

Gary met with us at a local model that he thought would be empty because of a regular sales meeting at another site.  He said that this would be the best place to meet so that we would not get interrupted.  Prior to the meeting, Gary sent us a list of items that we needed to bring along.  This included pay stubs, taxes, student loan information, and anything else financial.  Angela is perhaps the most organized person on the planet, so she had no problem getting everything Gary needed in duplicate. Talk about prepared!

So, Gary scoured over everything.  If we thought that Lauren had questions for us during the initial paperwork, that was nothing compared to this.  He was certainly very nice about everything, but he looked at all of the information with a magnifying glass.  This was good.  He was able to tell us where there may be some issues and assured us that if things started to go south with the loan that he would be able to give us advice on how to overcome it.  At the end, he said that it looked good for a start.  However, there would be more scouring before we would know anything.

We left the meeting feeling pretty confident.  Our children had mixed reviews about the meeting.  Our 10 year old did not like the prospect of moving.  Our 4 year old enjoyed the fish in the office.  So, it was a 50/50 for that meeting.

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