Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paperwork and Information on Preconstruction

February 25 - We passed through another hurdle, hopefully.  We were able to submit most items for the "conditions" of the approval.  There are some items that we will have to complete along the way.  These will be easy enough.  They include:

  1. Pay check stubs for every pay period until closing.
  2. Bank statements for every month until closing.
Not too bad.  The only other item is the "Homebuyer's Education Course".  This was a new one on us because it was not required for the purchase of our previous home years ago.  The course was something that I found somewhat difficult to find.  We imagined it would be something that Ryan Homes may provide or, worse yet, it would be something that we would have to sit through in some hotel ballroom.  Like a Tony Robbins seminar for homeowners.  Ouch!

Right this way to your new home.
Luckily, we spoke to our loan processor, Emi, and she kindly pointed us in the right direction.  Just in case this is something that may end up on anyone else's list of conditions, here is the link:  Homebuyer's Education Course.  We can take it online or we have the option of attending a local class.  Hey, Tony Robbins, we know you are not hosting, but...

So, we will be able to quickly finish all of the conditions that they have for us, we hope.  We are sure there may be more for us to do at a later point.

We also reached out to Mark, our sales representative, to find out any information he may have about the pre-construction meeting.  Right now, it is rainy and cold, so that would probably delay everything.  Those are our thoughts, Mark did not express those.  So, he said that our pre-construction meeting would be taking place in 3-4 weeks.  Our excitement makes us want it to be sooner, but I know from other blogs how quickly it all comes together.  Therefore, it may be better for us if there is a 3-4 week delay for the pre-construction.  Perhaps then we will not have mortgage and rent payments in the summer as our lease comes to an end.  In the meantime, we await the word for the pre-construction meeting.  More updates as they arrive.

Don't hurt'em, Richard Marx.

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