Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Lot, It's a Very, Very, Very Fine Lot

After meeting at the Rome, Mark walked us through the potential of the Venice.  He assured us that it was a big house and that we were going to get a lot of bang for our buck with the purchase.  Admittedly, when we were first hesitant about the Misthaven he did mention there was a community 5 or so miles down the road that we could get a home.  However, we were convinced that the home building option was all over and 5 more miles was too long of a commute.

The Venice Model
After going over the floor plan and looking at our options, Mark took note of everything and said that he would work the numbers and see what could get us the most for the least amount of money.  Good things!  Then, we left the Rome model and followed Mark to what will become our neighborhood.  Eventually, the two neighborhoods will be connected, but the construction of the road was not quite complete during our first visit to the site.  Nevertheless, we drove into the neighborhood and pulled up to the set of lots that looked the most appealing on paper.  Then, there it was.  Lot 8!  The potential for a backyard was great with a border of an existing tree line.  Oh, happy day!

Lot 8, or a giant mound of dirt
We looked at our lot and said that this one was it.  No big power lines.  No steep slope toward the house.  Existing trees in the background.  Excellent!  This was indeed the home site we had been waiting for and we knew it.  So, again we offered up the good faith down payment to hold the lot and we awaited Mark's estimates.  In the meantime, our antici.....................................pation would be killing us!

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